Open Letter to Publicity Hungry ‘Karni Sena’ Morons, Power Drunk State Governments and Stupid Masses

Dear most unscrupulous, publicity hungry, uncultured self-proclaimed saviors of Rajput history and culture a.k.a Karni Sena,

My head hangs in shame as I see what mockery you have made of the entire Rajput community. If you wanted publicity, you could have done some good deed for ‘your’ Rajput community. For example, you could have opened 100 schools. But you will not do that. I know. One, it is a long and tedious process to publicity. Why not get a quick publicity! Two, you thrive on senseless, mindless, stupid masses. If you educate them, you will lose your followers. It has been a year. In January last year, you assaulted Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Why? Becuase he was making a movie which the Karni Sena members thought would go on to portray the Rajput culture and history in the bad light. Entire Karni Sena stood by and justified this shameless act. It was that day that I realized that Karni Sena is an Army of jobless, brainless dickheads who are just hungry for publicity. How did you guys know that a movie which was still a year away from the release was demeaning your culture? A year is what a newborn puppy takes to grow into a full-blown dog, and a year is what it takes a senseless Karni Sena to lose some more sense. The moment I feel you guys could not stoop any lower, you surprise me. I would have recommended imprisonment for the goons of Karni Sena and but now I feel that they need to visit a mental hospital first. YOU ATTACKED A SCHOOL BUS! You attempted to hurt innocent kids. For what? To preserve your culture. Are you even a Rajput? Rajputs stood as the epitome of bravery and chivalry. What you do is an inhumane act of cowardice. After what you have done, you should be ousted from the Rajput community, let alone represent them. Just to clarify, when I say Karni Sena, I mean all the fringe elements who have tried to milch this situation.

Dear Power Drunk Spineless State Governments,

You know who you are. How can you run a state when you don’t have guts to stand against the fringe elements. Why would you ban a movie which has been certified by the Censor Board of India? How can you? Are you not a part of the Republic of India? Is there a different set of law that governs you? I find it amusing that one of the CMs is so self-obsessed that he compares the roads of his sate with those of US and is so power drunk that he endorses the ban on the movie.  No wonder, the same state is believed to have witnessed the biggest of scams in professional examinations. A side note to that great CM, you can compare the roads of your state with your pea sized brain, both of them are filled with potholes. Even after supreme court reprimanded these states for their whimsical move to ban the movie, these states had the audacity to request the supreme court to reconsider its decision. First, you foolishly decided to ban a movie on no valid ground. Second, when Supreme Court tried to talk some sense to you, you were so stoned that you did not understand what was being said. You might live in the illusion that by standing against the movie Padmaavat, you are appeasing a section of your vote bank. But the sad truth is: you are just siding with a handful of goons and fringe elements. One difference between these goons and terrorists is that these goons have not been labeled as terrorists by the government. These fringe elements do not represent any community and culture apart from the community of wannabe politicians and community of fools and morons.

Dearest stupidest Masses,

The fact you find the mention at the end in no way means that you are any less stupid. While the Karni Sena is trying to gain political prominence and state governments are trying to gain some vote bank, you are making a fool of yourself by assuming that either of the above parties is interested in preserving the culture. They themselves are uncultured to the core. So much so that they have the audacity to attempt to harm children and defend their action as well. Our culture is not so fragile so as to be dismantled by a single movie. In fact, most of us do not know the content of the movie. It is not about the movie. It never was. It’s time we see through this shameful plot and the perilous nexus between politicians and goons. Shun anybody who attempts to derive political mileage through a harmless movie.

Yours Truly,
Concerned Citizen of India

PS- I do not know if Karni Sena was involved in the school bus atack, but I know for sure that they have burned buses and vanalized movie theatres and proudly so 🙁

Karni Sena Cartoon
Image Source: Reddit


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