Dear Ola, Your Driver has My Phone, Could you Help me Get it?

My father forgot his phone in the Olacabs . When he called, 5 minutes post drop, driver denied the presence of any phone in his cab. He also denied to come back to the drop point. We tried social media, Ola office at Dum-dum airport where he was dropped, Ola support but to no avail. Ola had the standard reply. Hope for your driver to cooperate or lodge a police complaint. He had a flight to catch and he was stranded at the airport. All his travel documents were on the phone.

I could have given the driver the benefit of doubt but then I tracked my phone using Google’s Find my phone. I saw my phone moving away from the Airport. I could track it till it was finally switched off. All this while I tried coordinating with Ola and the driver.

Below picture says it all-

DLWccaqV4AAbYy7.jpg large

My Dad had boarded the cab from Ultadanga at 8:02 AM and left the cab at Dumdum airport at 8:17 AM. He realized immediately after he got down that he had left the phone.

His phone traced back to the initial point and travelled farther away till 9:08 AM. Last I tracked it at Star Theatre and Bombay Dying (Manikatla). I provided all this data to Ola and was amazed that Ola was least interested in even cross-checking if the cab actually followed the same track. They simply washed off their hand. My father had a hard time getting on the plane. He is already diabetic and has high BP, such incidents also affect his health situation immensely.

I want to reach out to you all for support to make Ola realise that as a responsible organization it should help users get resolution. Otherwise, it sets a bad precedent for all other drivers who get the message that they can steal away your belongings and still get away.

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