How I quit my IT job to build a Company

The actual title for this story should have been, how I quit my IT job for higher studies and then quit my next job to build a successful startup. I am an engineer. As most of you could guess, I landed up in an IT job post my engineering. Coming from lower middle-class family, being ambitious was a luxury I could never afford. I always did what most of my peers were doing and took the path which involved minimum risk. I was always destined to be an engineer, not because it was my childhood dream, but because it was deemed to be the safest. There were so many engineering colleges and I was sure that I would get into one of them and get placed into some IT mass recruiter. TCS found me worthy of employment. It also found 150 others worthy too.

That is how I landed in Bangalore. The first job has its own excitement. I still remember the first salary that was credited to my account. It was not something to boast of, but it was the most accomplished I had ever felt in my whole life. For most of my life till then, I had been the consumer of money. It was for the first time that I was the producer and it felt great. First few months were great. I had a city to explore, new people to know, first job, first salary and so on. After 2-3 months, when the smoke settled, I found myself in a very mundane job. I was doing the same job that I did on day 1, very single day. There was no learning opportunity, no growth, nothing exciting to look upto. I was living in a PG in Bangalore. These places themselves are sadistic. Cramped for space, tasteless food and snail paced internet add to your mundane worklife. All in all, by the end of year one at new job, I had it all. I felt like a convict who had served his sentence and needed to move out.

As was the norm, I quit the job and went for MBA. It came as a welcome change. College life was worth all the effort. Two years of hardwork, friendships, projects, B-plan challenges culminated in a fancy job with fat pay check. I was hired as a Manager for a pharmaceutical company. The life there on was Deja-vu. I was excited this time as I was supposed to lead a team. My excitement was short lived as soon I realized that my current job was just a glorified version of what I was doing in the previous job. Moreover, this organization was very unstructured with little regard to individual’s dignity. But for a change, instead of cribbing, this time I decided to channelise all the negative energy. In my free time, I started helping my friends in hyper-local delivery start-up. It had its own set of challenges. But I enjoyed tackling them. I had found my calling. 2 years into my Job, I quit my job. I joined the start-up full time. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I had taken a risky path with no safety net.

“Greater the risk, higher the gain.” Till now, the gains have been worth it. There in no looking back. I look upto my work everyday. I may not be making as much as I did in my previous job but the satisfaction that I derive from my work by the end of the day is nonpareil.

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