Why is Pune one of the Best Cities to Live in India?

-Shanaya Mehta
The life of a common man revolves around certain factors like a secured working environment, peaceful surroundings, quality education, and access to basic necessities. It sounds perfect but it is not easy to find a place that encompasses all these factors. But yes, these places do exist and Pune is certainly one of these places. If you are searching for an ideal destination where you can settle down, Pune will definitely serve your purpose. Why should you rent an apartment in Pune? The following reasons will clarify all your doubts.

Get Close to Nature

While India is lagging behind most of the countries in terms of cleanliness, Pune is an exception in this case. Pune Municipal Corporation ensures that there is no filth and garbage on the roads and other places. You would be greeted with clean surroundings whenever you step out of your home. Moreover, the lush green surroundings are a treat for the eyes. Instead of inhaling polluted air, you would breathe in fresh air. This means you do not need to compromise with your health when you are living in Pune.

Comfortable Lifestyle

There are accommodations suitable for both individuals and families. You can find a 1 BHK flat for rent in Pune at affordable costs. There are property websites, such as Nestaway, that lists the renting accommodations according to the needs of the home seekers.

The cost of living is not expensive at all. You can treat yourself with mouth-watering food at a meager amount of money. Well-established transport infrastructure means easy access to public transportation and less traffic on the road.

Mesmerizing Weekend Getaways

Being on the Western Ghats, Pune residents have plenty of weekend getaway options. The tourist places like Panchgani, Matheran, Alibag, Khandala, Kamshet, and Bhimashankar are a few hours drive away from Pune. Make a plan with your friends and family members to spend some quality time amidst nature. So when you are living in Pune, you have the opportunity to balance your professional and personal life in a perfect manner.

Peaceful Environment

Pune is one of those cities where the crime rate is the least. Whether you are roaming during the daytime or night, you can always feel safe. Pune is referred to as Pensioner’s Paradise because there are many retired people settled here. At the same time, it is always bustling with the student crowd. This proves that Pune welcomes everyone with open arms.

Being an education and professional hub, Pune is inhabited by the educated class. You will be surrounded by the sophisticated people that respect each other.

Opportunities for Everyone

Many established educational institutions like Symbiosis International University, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Fergusson College, FTII, etc attracts students from all over the world. A lot of IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, and others promote IT culture in Pune. Moreover, Pune is experiencing the startup culture as well. Overall, there are ample of opportunities for everyone.


So if you are considering about initiating new inning of your life, Pune seems the perfect destination for you. Look out for the 1 room kitchen on rent in Pune and find a perfect abode for yourself.

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