Farrago: The One word that brought Twitter down

Every year Oxford dictionary adds a new word to its lexicon. These words are usually much spoken about, it’s a wonder they were not present in the oxford dictionary in the first place. The most Indian word on the top of my mind right now which was recently added to the Oxford dictionary is Jugaad. In layman term, it means making arrangements, looking for shortcuts, finding loopholes or simply searching for easier ways to get things done. That’s how we Indians are and we take huge pride in it. To my understanding, one of the reasons Indians are spread across the world bringing laurels to our country is not just because we are brainy or hardworking. Much of the credit goes to the fact that we are a lazy bunch, always on the look-out for ways to simplifying matters. Thus, finding Jugaad. This makes me raise my head higher with pride because to me, there is nothing smarter than finding smart ways of doing your work. We Indians seem to have a knack for such talents.

There’s another Indian who has been a source of much pride to me, since ever. This is Mr Shashi Tharoor, our former Union minister and diplomat who has been representing our country at various forums. This former UN under-secretary general and Congress MP the heartthrob for many. Smart, dashing and killing with his looks, some would even dismiss him off for being too smart for his job. A minister with an Indian political party seems to portray a specific image for itself. Those white kurta clad men in their 60s, carrying around their belly fat and gratuitous advice everywhere and finding reasons to blame the opposition for nefarious reasons. This is what they represent and that is what I see. Thus, it was a welcoming change to see Shashi Tharoor and Sachin Pilot (another heartthrob, later) bringing in some exceptions. Mr. Tharoor is an eloquent man with fine words, an author of several books and has always managed to represent his thoughts with well-weighed words. Sometime in 2015, he garnered much limelight when he debated in Oxford Union debate critiquing Britain’s role in India. The speech caught the attention of the entire nation and surely made him a national hero.

Lately, Mr Tharoor has brought back the attention to him with his famous tweet. Allow me to digress a bit to explain this story. For those unaware of the gossip doing the rounds, it all started with Arnab Goswami. Yes, another star in the story the entire nation wants to know about. So Arnab’s new channel was being launched, called as Republic and he wanted to leave no stone unturned to get maximum TRPs. Trust the man to come up with big news, on the day of launch on May 8, he attacked our superstar politician for his involvement in the death of his wife. In 2014, when Sunanda Pushkar died, allegations were being raised and fingers were being pointed at Mr Tharoor of hatching a conspiracy to kill her. Stories were doing rounds of trouble in the marriage and apparently, Miss Pushkar was about to reveal some important information about the wrong doings of her husband, right before she was murdered.  The matter caught media lights for a long time and was then buried in the court proceedings. Now, this night, on 8 May 2017, Mr Goswami thought of no news better than this to catch the much needed eye balls to his newly launched channel.

As I said, I digressed. Coming back to the now famous tweet which made the twiteerati go berserk. After being blamed once again for the death of his wife, Mr Tharoor took to twitter to vent his anger.  Below is an excerpt:

farrago shashi tharoor tweet

Jokes are abound after this verbose tweet by Mr Tharoor, being retweeted 4400 times, liked by 7800 people and commented on 2700 times. Now that’s some way to create news. I want to personally thank Mr Tharoor for adding those words to my lexicon, all at once. Never have I ever looked up the dictionary for so many words together. Had it been anybody else, I may not have paid any attention, but you Mr Tharoor, you are a legend now. Farrago is my favourite word for the year. Alas, Oxford already has it in the word list. Oxford, only if you could have waited till this date to include this Latin word into the lexicon, you could have had the most popular word added. Ever. Better luck next time. I empathise with you Tharoor Sir and I’m sure such blatant lies must have truly exasperated you.  You took it to the next level with the next tweet.

farrago tharoor tweet comedy

Wow, such humour. I’m already a fan. That just made your twitter following increase manifold.  Focus on finding the reason for the death of your wife may keep wavering but keep your humour intact.

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