Dog Menace in Bangalore: Why is there no action ?

I have been in Bangalore for 3 years now. Before that, I have been traveling to Bangalore quite frequently. I have seen the city transform. From the city which used to sleep by 10 PM, now the city slogs till midnight. But one thing that has not changed ever since is the menace of stray dogs in Bangalore. They are so used to the city sleeping at 10, that they cannot bear the sight of mankind after 10. For them, you should be home by 10PM, whether it be a weekday or a weekend. If you violate that rule, you will be chased down, intimidated and barked upon till you surrender.

I have nothing against dogs. I love them as creatures. They are loyal and faithful. But that doesn’t mean that I would tolerate curfew post 10PM. I live in HBBR layout, near Nagwara signal. Whenever I have dared to walk down to my home post 10, I have been chased down by dogs. I have heard of incidents where residents were bitten by these stray dogs. Fortunately enough, I HAVE JUST HEARD OF THEM! Every cross of each main road is guarded by dozens of dogs. The moment you try to enter their territory, they all bark at you once. If you try to proceed any further, they would chase you down and intimidate you with their canine teeth. There was a time when I was coming home from Airport at night. I got down from the bus and was walking down to my Home when I encountered a swarm of dogs. I had to run for my life with all my luggage. The situation is just the same all over Bangalore, be it Marathalli or Whitefield or Indiranagar. There are cases where two-wheelers have been chased down by stray dogs leading to fatal accidents. Pedestrians and Bikers have been reeling under this menace for long now.

For those who defend this citing the food chain balance or love for dogs, I do not advocate for killing of dogs or harming them in any form. All I want is a peaceful coexistence of dogs and mankind. People are more than welcome to adopt dogs or keep a pet dog. But no dogs should be left stray at roads. It is not good for dogs as well. These stray dogs are mostly malnourished and are prone to road accidents.  On a very urgent basis, stray dogs should be sterilized so that their population doesn’t increase leaps and bounds.  They should also be vaccinated as a preventive measure. In the longer run, Karnataka government or Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike should set up dog care units where the stray dogs could be taken care of.

Dogs deserve a better life, we deserve safer roads.

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