13 reasons why “13 reasons why” has gone viral

There are two kinds of people these days who have all the time in the world; one who have been laid off by their IT employer and second who are waiting to for their joining date to arrive. I belong to the later. While people around me complain incessantly about the paucity of time, I have no dearth of it. It is one of those rare moments in your life when you oversleep, overeat, over procrastinate and yet you have enough time left.
Expectedly, I planned to take up old hobbies, like learn to play more tunes on the piano, finish up novels from the list, get fit, maybe start gyming, wake up early and go for morning walks. Basically planning every bit to improve the wrecked up schedule I had in the last two years and probably even worse that I’ll be having in the future. This was a desperate attempt in my mind, my last chance to make it right. It has been two long months since this thought first occurred to me and since then, I think about it almost daily. All the great planning aside, what do I end up doing each day? Wake up by noon, laze around sometime, eat, sleep again and binge watch Netflix. Optimist that I am, I still haven’t given up on my plans of getting fit this summer. But then, this laziness takes over and compels me to start a new TV series.

Fortunately for me, there was no dearth of new TV series that had lined up and many more that I needed to catch up on. So I diligently made a list comprising of three columns. Column 1 comprised of all the TV shows I missed, column 2 of all those that I may not be updated with and column 3 containing the newly launched. This is where 13 reasons why caught my attention A part of my research while making this list also involved talking to a handful of people, the geniuses who are aware of every series being made in the world and are probably the first ones to finish up the marathon. It is from these people that I heard so much about 13 reasons why. Apparently, this was one hell of a series, one of those that end up getting in the must-watch list and probably re-watch list of some.  After much procrastination, I decided to no longer wait for the right time and right moment and started off this much-hyped series. A word of caution for lazier than me souls, this post might contain some spoilers, depends, so tread carefully. Here are my 13 reasons why this series has caught so much attention:

1. Welcome to your tape. Yes, the thunder line from the show is one of the reasons that got me hooked on. While I was a little late to start off, I had been exposed to a number of spoilers and spoofs from the show. I tried my level best to protect from ruining it for myself, but couldn’t help getting intrigued by this famous line. My curiosity grew leaps and bounds each day to know what these tapes were all about.

2. It’s just 13 episodes. You know you won’t have to pile it on forever. One of the first things in my checklist before starting off any series is to inquire about the number of seasons, episodes and length of each of them. Yes, it’s a good idea to cash in on an interesting topic, but it is extremely significant to also realize that the entire idea gets lost in this business. Not naming names here, but when a TV series continues for ungodly 6/7 and sometimes more number of series with 10 episodes of more than an hour, I may be hooked onto it, but I am fully aware of how lifeless it becomes by the 4th . Please understand that not every series can be a classic.

3. It’s riveting, each episode ends on an open note, forcing you to start the next one. Just this one, this last for tonight. This was my thought at 4am yesterday night or should I say today morning when my eyes were all watery, I had tingling sensation of a headache and I had already watched a forbidden number of episodes back to back. Such is the power of this show that keeps you glued to your screens.

4. It is fresh and based on youth. The deep dive into the life of teenagers and high school makes us nostalgic and reminiscent of our times. We could relate to instances of it and somewhere down, there was deep rooted longing to go back to those carefree days. Through the show, I could relive my high school days, recollect all the good and bad times and could totally relate to the little girl. Hannah’s thought of fast forwarding through the bad times and get to the good times in New York City is everyone’s dream.

5. It is based on the life of teenagers in US. Our obsession and curiosity with life in US is being quenched through this series. What better way to delve deeper than to focus on the high school. It is an amalgamation of life which is innocent, yet grown up and has is a true depiction of the age, well at least to a good extent.

6. The topic of bullying is sensitive and touches a cord. The show manages to retain its truthful and honesty throughout. The deep sentiments and pain felt by the protagonist make us feel sad for her and hence, connects us to her. The way she expresses her pain, how people have hurt her, consciously and unconsciously, reminds of all the treachery that we have been through.

7. The star cast is talented, living their role. Well chosen for their roles, each of the main leads is doing a commendable job. Now, I may not be a casting director to fit the right person to the right role, but I got talents from the years of practice of binge-watching uncountable number of TV series. I recognize talent when I see one, and this is sheer gold.

8. The actors are beautiful and a treat to watch. Of course, I am not biased and all for talent-beyond-looks but it always becomes an added advantage to see an eye candy performing well. Almost had a crush on Dylan Minnette, till I realized he’s younger than my little brother. Bad luck it seems.

9. The timing of the show is impeccable. School kids are done with the schools and ready for summer break, same goes for college kids, those in office have already spent too much time in office for it to get to the point of dull and monotonous and needed this hookup. For all others too, it seems just right.

10. The storyline is simple. There is no complex sci-fi involved, no intricate science jokes, and no multifaceted theories running simultaneously. It’s a plain simple story of a young girl. Thus, everyone gets a reason to watch it. Unlike other shows which end up targeting only a subset of the entire audience, this shows nails it right in the coffin (pun intended).

11. It has managed to create and sustain a buzz for itself. For the first time, an adaptation of a novel has lived up to its expectations and not let the people down. The novel had been #1 New York Times bestseller for a long time and had garnered a good number of eyeballs for its prime time. Usually, the limelight remains on for a very short period of time. In most of the cases, it’s taken away by the new show of the town and our short attention span makes us forget the previous show.

12. The idea is new, pristine and untouched. Unlike so many shows being created which appear a total rip off of some classic, others trying desperately to recreate a lost theme or storyline, this show has touched upon the content in an innovative and inventive way. Not at any time during the show did I try to multitask. Usually, these dramas are running on my laptop and I’m busy catching up on other tasks (read social media) every few minutes. This had my undivided attention.

13. In spite of all the hatred and spiteful comments against the show, there’s no denying that the focus of the show is on the topic often swept under the carpet. However contemporary it may be, somehow this conversation never finds its due place. It is troubling, problematic and probably a bad idea to cast it into a TV series on a popular platform, but that does not diminish its relevance. It deserves discussion, to say the least, and this should open up the doors for it.

Judge for yourself while I get back to completing the series.

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