Gaikwad,You assaulted Air India staff Over Ticket Issues, What’s your Punishment?

Mr. Ravindra Gaikwad,

Hope this letter reaches you. Very recently, you physically assaulted an Air India duty manager. You thrashed him multiple times with your slipper, 25 is the count that you provided. Proudly.  You even tried to throw him down the stairs and you are no less proud of it.

For a moment, I will try and step into your shoes to see if I can justify your act. Let’s say you were severely wronged when you were forced to travel by economy class despite having a business class ‘open’ ticket. I will help you understand what an open ticket means in a while. For now, I will assume that what was done to you was inhumane and hence it was only apt for you to beat up the duty manager. Also, your attempt to throw him down the stairs was equally justified. Even if he died, he deserved to, as his employer had committed such a gruesome offense.

But this is where the real problem starts. If what was done to you stands at 1 on a scale of 10, what you did to the airline staff is undoubtedly 10, if not more. So, if hitting the staff 25 times with your slipper is justified, you deserve at least 250 blows. Also, if your attempt to throw him off the stairs is justified, maybe, we should try throwing you down mid-air. If you can beat up an employee for an ‘alleged’ wrong by Air India, how about you been slapped for corruption done by your fellow parliamentarians. I am yet to account for the foul language you used. But I will leave that to your judgment. If that is the way you communicate with your peers and your acquaintances, it is perfectly fine by me.

Now talking about the open ticket, open ticket means that you could have chosen any Air India flight in that sector. To help you understand this better, if you opt for Jan Sadharan Express (a train which only has unreserved seats) and would then expect the Railways to miraculously convert your seat to an AC suite, it’s no going happen. The flight you opted for was an all-economy class flight. Hence, you should have used your smartness to select a proper flight rather than using it now to defend the undefendable.

Nothing, I repeat, nothing gives you right to beat up someone. I am not going to lecture that as a Member of Parliament, you should not have behaved so irresponsibly. I am ashamed that we elected you. Nothing gives you the right to beat up anyone else. You can justify it. Your attempt to justify it only suggests that you can’t reason logically. I don’t expect you to realize your mistake, leave alone apologize. But, I sincerely expect that the supremo of your party and the PM of this country take cognizance of this act and set an exemplary punishment. I respect both these individuals and expect a timely intervention. I am shocked that your fellow parliamentarians raised the issue of your flight-ban in the both the house. They picked up the right issue but ended up defending the wrong side.

Last but not the least, you have failed the Shiv Sena. Empathy and compassion were the founding principles of Shiv Sena. You have not only defied those principles, you have brutally murdered them. While all the airlines have rightly barred you from boarding their flights, you are still a threat. What do we do if you try and push a Railway staff from a moving train? I vehemently believe that you should not be allowed to step out of your home until you realize that just because you are an MP or a Shiv Sainik or both or nothing, you are still an Indian citizen and either you learn to respect fellow citizens or let judiciary teach you the same, the hard way.

Common Man



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