Open Letter : Dear Student Organisations, Stop Being Slaves to Political Parties

Dear Student Organisations,


I will start with an interesting anecdote.

Once upon a time, there was a leader. People of the state elected him as he was learned and had proven track record. Once he got into power, he forgot the very people who empowered him. He was a mute spectator when his council of ministers looted hard earned money of the public. He was too busy pleasing his bosses that he forgot to care about the people who elected him to power. End result: the same people who once elected him, threw him from the throne. His own ministers blamed him and the new leader made fun of him. From being an able leader, he became the laughing stock of the town.


This story bears a stark resemblance to the story of our previous Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. Before you start determining my political affiliation, I must say, I am mostly apolitical. I am equally critical of the present Prime Minister for all show and no work most of the times. Getting back to the story, this incident is very pertinent to all the student organizations. Like the leader of the state in the story, students of the respective institutions have entrusted you with great responsibility. You exist because they exist. You are solely accountable to them. If they have the power to make you, they have the power to break you as well. If you start cheating the very students who empowered you, you will meet a similar fate. From being an able organization, you would soon be the laughing stock of the town.


While I am writing this when the country is witnessing the most bizarre sequence of events at DU North campus, my intent is not to shame any specific student organization. Not because they deserve any dignity, but because they are too unscrupulous entities to be shamed. To see the recent development as an isolated event is to forget the grim history of student organizations in India. I can recount umpteen examples in the recent past when student organizations have appeared to have unbridled power, indubitable access to state machinery and unequivocal political patronage. University of Hyderabad, JNU and Ramjas are just a few of many institutes that come to my mind when I hear about a student organisation going berserk.

It is disheartening to witness student organisations endorsing violence. There have been instances, including and not limited to what happened at Ramjas, where student organisations have tried to induce terror on the faction not complying with their ideologies. This is the moment they cease to remain a student organisation and become a terror outfit and for practical purpose should be dealt as one. The sole objective of setting up a democratic system in the educational institutes is to groom them for the largest democracy in the world. That being the objective, student organisations were never supposed to be slaves of the political parties who govern the largest democracy.

It’s time that political parties spare student organization and stop using them as catchment to inflate their vote bank. Also, student organizations should realize that they are accountable to the students and students alone. If any of the student organization wants to inflict terror by any means,they are more than welcome to setup a terror outfit and our army is more than equipped to take care of them. As far as nationalism is concerned, Bapu’s India CAN NEVER be protected by people promoting violence.

Yours Truly,

A Disappointed Student


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