Burn as Many Buses as You Want As Long As You Can Pay For Them!

If your Dad disagrees with you on some critical issue, do you burn down the house to put across the point? Every sane person would answer this in negation. It’s not how many objects that you have damaged at home that puts across how valid your point is! Why do we not have same sensibility when it comes to dealing with the Government?

I am unable to fathom out the connection between Government’s decision to change Provident Fund withdrawal rules and Bangalore’s State run BMTC buses. Why would you burn the state buses? Poor state government was not even involved in this decision. Similarly, people wanting the reservation in their state take to rails and block trains from plying. It is not even the state government’s property that you are protesting against. But had people been this sensible, they would have not damaged the national property in the first place. The buses that you burn, the Railway property that you damage, the buildings that you disfigure – None of them belong to the Government of the day. Who do you think would bear the loss for buses burnt down in Bengaluru? Neither Siddaramaiah nor Modi would get a pay cut. It is our money, that we pay as taxes which would be used to make up for the loss.  Expansion plan for Namma Metro may get a push back if government decides to divert some of its funds to get new fleet of buses.



It is very legitimate to express dissent against any policy that you deem inappropriate. But violence is not the way to settle any conflict in any civilized society. Anna Hazare never used violence, yet his protest for Lokpal was one of the most successful protest against the Government. For PF related concern, Bandaru Dattatreya (Labour and Employment Minister) was the right person to go to. One could have reached him though social media platforms, open letters, news papers, blogs and what not. There are plethora of mediums today to get your voice heard at national level.

Its high time now that we set accountability. Anyone who damages the national property should be made to pay for it. Why should my money be used to make up for the damage done by some erratic irresponsible violent mob. Government at Centre and respective states should not bog down to violent protests. In fact the clear message should be that if you cause any damage to national property, your demand, however deserving, would not be entertained till you have paid up the fine. Message should be loud and clear- burn as many buses as you want  as long as you can pay for them!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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