Is Cleartrip refund policy a BIG scam?

Is Cleartrip refund policy a BIG scam?

I booked Indigo flights from Mumbai to Bangalore(Trip ID 16010622026) and Bangalore to Mumbai (Trip ID 16010623096). Mumbai to Bangalore flight got delayed by 4 hours, due to which I missed a critical meeting scheduled in Bangalore. With some difficulty, Indigo agreed to refund the entire amount for to and fro journey and transferred the amount to Cleartrip. This happened on 8th. I waited for 4 days for my refund to reflect in my account, which did not happen. 

Today morning, I called up Cleartrip. The customer care executive after all his research concluded that he needed to connect to Indigo for clarity. I was put on hold only to be informed that I would receive a call back in 15 minutes. THIS CALL BACK NEVER HAPPENED. Neither did I receive my refund.

I called again right now. This time the customer care executive informed that because I have not cancelled the flight tickets, I have not received the refund. I need to cancel the ticket from the Cleartrip portal. Cleartrip would then deduct the cancellation charges and then refund the remaining amount. I was amazed by this bizarre rule. Firstly, my flight got delayed. Secondly, I missed my meeting. Thirdly, It was the fault of the airlines and they have refunded the full amount. Then, how come Cleartrip withholds my money. Even if it does, the same has to be communicated to the user. I asked the customer care executive to either send the same thing over email or connect me to his supervisor. I was put on hold for another 20 minutes and then my call was disconnected. This time again, I did not receive any call back.

When Indigo has refunded my amount and I am calling to communicate the same to Cleartrip, what right does Cleartrip have to withhold my money. If this is their procedure, it is a big scam. I generally don’t even check if I have received the refund. I take it for granted. Money should either be with Indigo or me, Why Cleartrip??? Apart from this goof-up-
(i)Customer care assured to call back and never called.
(ii)On second call, I was put on hold for half an hour and finally my call was disconnected.

This Clearly is gross negligence of duty and poor customer service.

To conclude, I would draw an analogy.
Suppose you order food from Foodpanda and the food is not delivered. You call up the restaurant and they inform that your order has been cancelled and the amount has been returned to Foodpanda. If you then call Foodpanda after 5 days and they tell you that-
(a) You will have to cancel the order to receive the refund.
(b)They will deduct cancellation charges for the same.

 What would you call it? RIDICULOUS.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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