Slaughtering cow looks inhumane to you but beheading a person who eats beef is sensible?

Slaughtering cow looks inhumane to you but beheading a person who eats beef is sensible?

It is not religion but the Science that desists people from eating beef. That said, Science can only recommend as it recommends umpteen other things. Religion can’t enforce it as law, says Dr Archana.
In a country where there are number of issues to be discussed, acted and talked about, all of a sudden we get engrossed in a debate of beef. Some great Sycophants declaring India a Hindu nation are bending over backwards to out-caste all those who eat beef. I have never come across any clause in Indian Constitution which implies that those who eat beef won’t be considered Hindu or Indian. I don’t think any habit can challenge our nationality and religious views. Ours is a nation of Unity in diversity. And we have freedom to express all diversities, beliefs and expressions as per our constitution. I, myself don’t eat beef  but then I am not against those who arebeef-eterians. As there are many who are pure vegetarians BUT they are not against non-vegans like me.Afterall, eating should be a matter of taste and choice and not caste and country.

Lord has made us humans- so we must exercise our ability of judgement and reasoning. And instead of just criticizing and commenting on others, we must kindle our thought process. Hindus treat cow as pious animal. It is often referred in scriptures as Maa (Mother). May be I find my religious sanctity in a cow and my neighbor in a bull. It’s a matter of personal choice and one can’t thrust his opinions onto the other. We live in a nation where we worship a goat and slaughter it next moment for some religious satisfactions (but I am not here to question this). In this moment, when brother kills brother, father rapes daughter; suddenly all of us are concerned about cows and people who leave for their own mothers a miserable life, come forward to save ‘Mother’ cow.

Gai humari mata hai was the favorite line from childhood essay and every kid has by-hearted in kindergarten. But then, please keep your feelings for cow for yourself and let others enjoy their lives as they want. Slaughtering cow looks inhumane to you but beheading a person who eats beef is sensible? 

Yes, there was a tradition that Hindus didn’t eat beef but mind you- it’s not only for religious sanctity. Indian science in ancient times was far more developed than it is now. It is as if we are reinventing things. Comparing red meats such as beef and mutton, I as a doctor see more LDL (bad) cholesterol, less HDL and greater chances of weight gain with beef. All these are factors for increased risk for atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. By swapping just 3 ounce of beef in diet we can save 20 calories and saturated fat intake is reduced to half. This must have been the reason why eating beef was prohibited. And no need to remind you that one could disregard the rationale of science but disregarding religion was unthinkable that times. And thus whatever needed to be instilled into people was linked to religion (I don’t think I need to give the list) .To top it all, back then cow was a source of abundant milk and cow-dung cakes were used as fuels.

Majority of Indians form a mob. And a mob has no character and doesn’t know the reason and direction of flow. It just flows. Talking about religion, there are a few Hindus who visit temple regularly but I haven’t seen a Muslim missing any of the five schedules of Namaz and any Christian missing the Sunday service. I don’t intend to prove that one religion is better than the other. The point that I want to drive home is that religion is a man made phenomenon and it should always be an enabler to men. It is to unite us for a common cause and not to divide us and kill our fellow brethren.

So, please try to differentiate between religious views and habits. We have declared ourselves a SOVEREIGN nation. And we have promised

“LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship………….assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation”.

And no one shall be able to hit on our raw nerves and destroy our unity.

Its NOW or NEVER!!