Why should country halt when politicians move?

Why should country halt when politicians move?

If thousands of people have to come to standstill for hours for movement of one person, it’s only logical for that very person to stay home and let the city work.

Before I write anything, let me explain the topic itself. Read this article in relation to Prime Minister’s maiden visit to Chandigarh day before yesterday. He was in Chandigarh to inaugurate a new civil air terminal at Chandigarh airport and address a public rally later. His 4 hour visit came down heavily on entire city and the residents literally thanked god when Mr Prime Minister flew back.

One of my friends happened to be in town during these days and hence had first-hand experience of entire series of events. On the day of Modi’s visit, main cremation ground was closed down and was converted into parking lot. Seriously!! Do we convert parliament into banquet hall on our marriage anniversary or into party lounge on our birthdays. How ridiculous can it be? Do you expect people not to die that day because Mr Prime Minister is here. People had to be cremated at the cremation ground on the outskirts of city.

Likewise, schools remained closed on Friday.  Also, many exams had to be rescheduled. Many routes were blocked for normal transport and people had to take alternate routes only to find that alternate route blocked too somewhere. Entire city was turned into a maze, only that there were no winners except the chosen one. The path that Modi was supposed to take was turned into a no man’s land. No one was supposed to take a glimpse of it, let alone drive through it.

This post is not to target any specific party or person. Infact, I would only belittle this entire issue by tying it to a party or person. You look at a city and you can say that some politician is around. If roads are blocked and roads are unusually clean, if you find men in uniform everywhere, if you find all the doctors in government hospital with hospital closed for patients or all the teachers in school with school closed for students, you should get it straight; some politician has troubled the city with his presence. Every Prime Minister has done this. This happened when Manmohan Singh was in town. This is happening when Modi is in town. I can only thank Modi for taking cognizance of the fact and ordering a probe into it. But not before the damage has been done.

The vital question here is, why should country halt when politicians move. Has any U.S school been ever closed because Mr President is on tour or has any cremation centre been ever shut down for the same reason. Answer is a big NO. I am not against movement of our Prime Minister or any of his council of ministers. But we should ensure that entire city should not come to standstill for one person. If Modi is coming to inaugurate a civil air terminal, his objective is to make life easier for fellow countrymen. If he ends up creating so much inconvenience, entire purpose is defeated.

Small appeal to all the VVIPs out there, if thousands of people have to come to standstill for hours for movement of one person, it’s only logical for that very person to stay home and let the city work. We can’t compromise with the security of our dignitaries, but we can’t take the countrymen for granted as well.

Its NOW or NEVER!!