Will My Kids Ever Speak Their Mother Tongue?

 Mother Tongue is usually the first language learnt at home in childhood or the language he/she speaks the best and so is often the basis for socio-linguistic identity.

Indians, by that virtue are privileged lot as we have a mother tongue, a national language and an international language. Sometimes if your parents have their livelihood in some corner of the country other than your native place you come to learn more languages without extra effort. So, a kid can boast of being able to read-write-express in three to four languages.

But, we are depriving coming generation of this extraordinary scholarly feeling. With every coming day, we see parents interacting with their children & amongst themselves in Hindi or at times in English just to show off their social supremacy.

Such is the makeup of most of Indian society that a person speaking fluent English is looked upon as unearthly. But forgetting your mother tongue is like forgetting your roots. And, a plant can’t flourish without that.English is forte of Englishmen but ours is our mother tongue. So, however good we speak English we shall always be second grade English speakers as would be true for any Englishman speaking in our mother tongue. Englishmen though a highly developed fraternity are poor linguistically as they need not exert themselves learning an extra language as theirs is already international.

Theory of Poverty of Stimulus & Invention of Language by children says that stimulus is needed for a child to learn any language and that language learning capability is innate and nourished by the environment. Though parents and tutors of a kid reinforce a foreign language in the kid, the stimulus is poorer that for one’s local language.

Macaulay’s English Education Act brought in an idea that in East Indian Company ruled India, if they train and impart English language to Indian people, they could be more civilized and loyal for British Kingdom. We still behave like Macaulay’s children keeping British at the top of civilization in our eyes.

Actually, today’s child is a global citizen trapped in a local pursuit. And, for his local business he needs to interact with local people (literate or illiterate) and so he needs his/her mother tongue to be comfortable and suited to his/her local environment , English can’t substitute for that.
Even if we infuse any foreign language in veins of our kids, still Environment is not so conducive and stimulus is poor. So, our kids can never be top grade English Scholars and they lose their proficiency in our Indian Languages too.

A saying 
रहिमन देखि बड़ेन को , लघु दीजिये डारि
जहाँ काम आवे सुई , कहाँ करै तरवारि

So, our International languages can’t substitute for the sweet well versed mother tongue, which is dissolved in air.And, I strongly purport that our coming generation should be introduced to our tradition, culture, motherland, mother-tongue, rites & rituals. So, that these are not red flagged with to be extinct species in future.
Its NOW or NEVER!!

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