No Looking Back #Lookup

No Looking Back #Lookup

This is the story of final year of my undergraduate studies. I, along with few of my friends, planned to organize an event; “Spread happiness @ Thapar University”. The idea was very simple. As a hostler, we used to leave behind a lot of stuff like blanket, bucket, mattress, sports equipments, cloths, stationary etc.  These things were either thrown with rags or locked in the cloak rooms. We decided to collect all such item and distribute it among the nearby slum dwellers, rickshaw pullers and support staff at the campus.

I discussed this idea with few of my friends and most of them were very excited about it and agreed to volunteer. We decided to organize this event after our final exams. Everything was planned out. But just after exams, our batch planned a group outing. Most of those who had earlier committed to volunteer were now going. Few others had their own plans. This was our last chance to be with friends and hence I won’t blame them. Apart from being volunteers, these friends were supposed to donate everything that they were leaving behind. The plan was that they would deposit all their stuff at a designated place and we would then distribute it. But now as most students were leaving immediately after exam, it meant we had to do door to door collection. That too, in a very short span of time. On one hand, we had limited volunteers and on the other hand, we need many more volunteers now.

Entire event was falling apart. But, then I distinctly remember how the table turned. I decided to launch an event page on Facebook. The purpose was to get few more volunteers to keep the event floating. Then, something exceptional happened. Couple of alums called me up and offered financial assistance. Though I declined the financial assistance, it was a great morale booster. I also received a call from a transport owner from the town. He offered to provide two trucks to ferry the collected items to the beneficiaries. He told me that he was neighbor of one of my friends. Scores of students approached me to volunteer as well.

Now, there was no looking back. The overwhelming love and support from the society pushed me to work harder. Many of my friends decided to stay back and help me with the event. In the end, “Spread happiness @ Thapar University” was a great success. We had enough volunteers to do door to door collection. We collected truck loads of useful commodities and distributed it all around the city. We distributed bags and stationeries outside a government school. We distributed cricket bat, lawn tennis and badminton racket to kids at city public ground. Overall, the event got bigger and better than what was originally planned.

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