Holi at Home #together

It had been few hectic months at office. I had too many deadlines to comply to. Adding fuel to the fire, I was not in good terms with my boss. Bangalore was new to me. I didn’t know many people here. So, I had no friends outside office. It was one of those busy days. I was just back from office, all drained out. My Mom called up. Moms have this ability to understand you even without you saying things. My Mom asked me “Why don’t you come over to home this Holi?” 

Holi was day after. My home is 1500 kms away. I had not been at home during Holi for last 5 years. Hence, this request was tempting. I needed a break from this mundane office life anyway. So, I decided to go. Flight ticket prices were sky rocketing. Trains were all full. I still boarded some train that night, traveled for more than 30 hours to be with my family.

I reached home on the day of Holi. My sister and brother had also come home. We were all together after a decade. We were reliving our childhood days again. We did not play with colors. We got together and talked. We talked about good old days and our life these days. We did what we did when we were kids. We played games. We bitched about each other. We had this game where we fought about who was the darling of our parents.  We went to temple in the evening. We sat outside temple for couple of hours. We came back home. Mom cooked for us our favorite meal. We helped her in cooking. Everything was fun while we were together.  

It were best two days of my life. I forgot all my pains and pangs for a while. I also realized that I was seeking happiness in wrong things. I realized that my job was so demanding that I could not devote enough time to my parents. I decided that the moment I got back I would leave my current job and find a better one. Those moments of togetherness gave me strength to make some tough choices in life. I realized that I had my family to fall back to. While going back, I asked my parents to come along with me. They agreed.

Life was never the same again. I left the job. I had to stay at home for a while till I got a new one. But life was still fun without a job. I got to spend more time with my parents. Since, they were new to this city; I used this time to show them the places around. Soon, I got a better job. I had enough time to spare for my parents. When I got back from office, it was a pleasant experience to be welcomed by parents.  

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