5 reasons why Asus Zenfone is my valentine

Unlike every other year, this year I had no one to gift me chocolates on chocolate day or roses on the rose day. It felt that I would have a lonely valentine. But then I realized that there was someone, who had been with me round the year and would be with me this valentine as well. It was my smart phone Asus Zenfone. My Zenfone became my valentine.  Following are the reasons why your Zenfone would make a prefect valentine.
1) Entertains me on demand:
I want my valentine to cater to me as and when I need him. This is exactly what Asus Zenfone does for me. Zenfone entertains you whenever you want and wherever you want. You can listen to songs and play games. The Intel processor in the latest Zenphones can even support PC games on your smart phone. I can also watch video or talk to my friends.
2) Simplifies my life
Zenfone can simplify your life. It can help you in making a purchase online, booking a movie ticket, locating your destination etc. I can’t think of my life without my Zenfone. If I have to go out to dinner today, I first choose the restaurant by going through reviews on some app. If it happens to be a popular place, I even book a table online. Then to reach that place I use the navigator app on my smart phone. Zenfone makes my life hassle free.
3)Makes me look good-
Superb camera quality of Asus Zenfone captures every minute detail. It captures all the important moments and people in my life. I can share all the important life events with the world instantly. Also, its front camera helps me make video calls to my friends as and when I want to. Zenfone ensures that I don’t miss my son’s birthday due to office commitments. Now, I can attend conference calls right from home.
Asus Zenfone is superfast. I can browse internet without any delay. Even the most complicated games run on Zenfone without lag. Even when I am watching a movie and doing dozen other things alongside, still Zenfone is superfast. It also charges up quickly. It can charge upto 60% in 39 minutes. Hence my Zenfone would never keep me waiting.
5. Trendy look
First time I had a glance at a Zenfone was while I was browsing through phones online on some shopping portal. Eversince I fell in love with this phone. I wanted to see it for real before buying it. I visited a store nearby,only to fall for this phone again.The ultra thin phone with metal finish is the best you can ask for.
Asus Zenfone is here to stay as my valentine.Have a look

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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