I too Had a New Year Resolution...

I too Had a New Year Resolution…

“Resolutions are made to be forgotten same as promises are made to be broken.”
So true!!

Year after year, we make new year resolutions. Resolution ranges from spending quality time with family to making more money to quitting some bad habit. Everyone of you must have made some resolution for the year 2015. You don’t have to write it down to be called a resolution. A simple thought as ‘I will spend more time with my family this year‘ or ‘I will quit my company this year‘ can be your resolution 2015.

A chain smoker resolves to quit smoking and then smokes away his resolution the very next day. Most of our resolutions fail to see the light of the day. We make them on new year’s eve but these last no more than our hangovers the next day. Why?? Should we stop making resolutions? Or Is it just the bad resolutions and we need to make good resolutions?

There are no good or bad resolutions as long as you can achieve them. But don’t make grandiose plans. For a chain smoker to quit smoking in a snap is next to impossible. So the moment you make such a resolution, you know you would fail miserably.There is no point setting up goals so high that you spend one more year feeling like a loser. So make a realistic resolution to start with.

Try to be as specific as possible. Resolutions like “I will study hard” or “I will be a better person” are such commonplace. But they are so vague. How would you quantify “hard” or “better”. Try and put a number to it. Such as, I will study for 2 hrs daily.

It’s easier said than done. It has been 23 springs and equal number of new years. Year after year, I have been on the same side of the boat. Made resolutions and forgot not to forget them. Reasons are not hard to fathom out. They were either grandiose or vague. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, my new year resolution is to talk to you more frequently. Could it be any more vague?? So lets make it more specific. I will chip in atleast one article each Week. On personal front, I will live the dictum “Early to bed, early to rise“. No staying back after 8am in the morning.

The best part is, I have already lived my resolution for a day. I woke up early today and here I am writing to you. I just have to replicate it over the next 364 days. Phew!!!that simple 😛
Keep checking for my post next year : I too had a New Year Resolution and I lived it.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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