Crush on my teacher: Propose during presentation

I have a crush on my teacher. It might sound gross. But it’s not a toddler falling for her baby sitter. I am a final year engineering post-graduate student and I have a crush on my teacher who also happens to be my immediate senior from the same college. I have had crush on him when he was a student. We were in the same friend circle and he was the ‘macho’ man of his batch. He used to dance and was active in theaters. He was the reason I joined theater club. It gave me some extra time with him. From where I come from, girls are not expected to make the first move. So I didn’t. I could never tell him that I liked him. He soon graduated and I thought it was all over.

But as luck would have it, he came back to the college, this time as a teaching faculty. I see this as god’s way of giving me second chance. He is still nice to me and we hang out together. But there is an air between us, the air that a student-teacher relation entails. We are not just friends now. Whenever we are together, we have to make sure that we don’t come across as too friendly. So proposing him now is all the more difficult but so is holding back. If I let this opportunity go, I might repent this forever.
I have a plan. All I need is guts to execute it. I hope writing it down gives me that push. These days we are presenting our thesis idea to him for approval. My presentation is scheduled for next week. But I will swap my slot with my friends who have their presentation on the Valentine’s Day. Next, I will compile all the photos that we have together, add clips of few theater performances that we performed together. In the background, I will play the poem that I wrote for him last year on this very day. Once, this video is ready. I will embed the video at the end of my presentation.  Once the presentation is over, this video will play. In the end, I will sit on my knee. Hold his hand and ask if he would be my valentine. I run the risk of flunking this subject and screwing our friendship. But if it works out, I will get the love of my life. Chances of this happening seem rare. However bleak the possibility, it is worth trying for.  

If he says yes, I will invite him over to my place for dinner. I will cook his favorite chicken biryani and serve it with red wine. A candle light dinner with the titanic song in the background!! This is my story. 

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Its NOW or NEVER!!

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