Open letter to Mr Vichare: You ‘force-fed’ Arshad, we will force you out.

Mr Rajan Vichare,
I am in a fix. What salutation should I use for you!! Dear or respected won’t suit you. I can’t use abusive language either as we are strictly against the use of ‘parliamentarian’ language. So let’s go without one.
IRCTC canteen supervisor at Maharashtra Sadanalleged that you force-fed him during Ramzaan. You denied these allegation and I trusted you. I trusted you for the same reason I trusted you during elections. Such incident of bigotry was unthinkable. But just while I am writing this letter to you, I am informed that you have apologized for your behavior. While you might believe that you have washed away your sin, for me you have proclaimed your culpability. Anyway, I was not waiting for your apology letter, news channels have already flashed your unscrupulous act, which proves your involvement beyond any reasonable doubt. 
Not that you care, but I don’t trust you anymore. Hence you don’t deserve to cling onto the office of trust. From what I have read and heard, you and your fellow parliamentarians were not happy with the quality of food served at the canteen of Maharashtra Sadan. So you barged into the kitchen and force-fed the supervisor.
You have pleaded innocence on the ground that you didn’t know that the supervisor was a Muslim. This argument appears lame to me as the supervisor was wearing a name tag that read Arshad Zubair. I have pulled up your election affidavit from the Election Commission website. Apart from the 8 severe police cases that it mentions, it also establishes that you are literate. Hence it would be safe to assume that you could have read the name and you did!! So did it ever cross your mind that Arshad could be a Muslim.
Even if I buy your argument, is this the way our MPs treat their subordinates. Even on humanitarian ground, forcing food into someones mouth is a clear disrespect for the individual and the food. While an apology should serve you well in political circles, I don’t see any good coming from it. I seriously doubt that you have slightest of remorse. Even if you had some, it won’t undo the wrong. Its time politicians face the consequences of their actions. You force-fed Arshad, we will force you out of parliament.

-A Logically frustrated Indian.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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