What is Modi wave??

I have heard of Tsunami wave, heat wave, Mexican wave and hell lot of other waves. But recently a new word ‘Modi wave‘ has forced its way into political lexicon. Every politician is talking about this wave, some are endorsing and others are rejecting it. Either way they are creating a buzz around it. I have been trying hard to figure out what this Modi wave is. I know there is a guy named Narendra Modi from Gujarat. I also know that he is the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Bhartiya Janta Party, the party expected to emerge as the single largest party. So he is slated to be the next prime minister of India. But the situation was just the same in 1998, 2004 and 2009. There was a palpable tilt in favor of a particular party/alliance. But I have never heard of any Atal wave or Sonia tide or Singh ripple.
So is Modi wave some kind of wave invented by Narendra Modi? Not possible!!! A guy who failed to distinguish between tophy and trophy can’t be this smart. So that possibility was discarded outrightly. I tried to ask his followers as well his critics. But my fellow netizens were as clueless as me. I turned back to Google. I just had to type Modi and Google knew I was looking for Modi wave. But it could not help me any further. So I delved deep into this. Soon I could connect the dots.

Modi was the new omnipresent, the new demigod. As I woke up this morning with the newspaper crashing against my balcony wall, a full page advertisement of ‘Modi for PM‘ welcomed me. I skimmed through the newspaper and I could see Modi all over the place. Modi had hijacked even the editorials and cartoon space. I was then reminded of several editorials and full page advertisements that had featured regularly in the newspapers.
Done with the newspaper I got ready for my office. My cab arrived late, thanks to Bangalore traffic. This gave me a chance to tune into radio after months. The moment I tuned in, I was greeted by “abki baar modi sarkaar“. My cab arrived some half an hour later, till then I had tuned into zillion radio stations but could not duck the Modi wave. Any other day, I would have slept the moment I stepped inside the cab, but today I could not sleep. I was getting late for a crucial meeting. I was restless and perhaps thought that if I kept nagging the driver, he would just fly through the traffic. As my cab stopped at every-other signal, I could see the ‘larger than life’ hoardings of Narendra Modi.
I reached office. I had missed the meeting already. I logged-in to Facebook. I could see the advertisement “Modi for PM” in extreme right corner of my wall. I ignored it and continued stalking through pictures and stories. Whether it was frustration of having missed out a critical meeting or I genuinely had enough of Modi, I didn’t want anymore of it. But then there were my friends from ‘Art of Living‘ defending, attacking, abusing, and negating every utterance against Modi. It has been hard for me to fathom out how has Modi wave hit all of them at once. It made me nostalgic for a while as I was reminded of how many of my college mates were duped of 3-4K in name of Yes+. I switched to Twitter, yet the story remained the same. Some Togadia‘s hate speech and Modi’s silence was trending. I browsed through some other blogs and forums, only to find Modi staring through my soul with his advertisements.

 Thankfully I averted any further encounter with ‘Modi’ for the entire day. I could overhear few people debating Gujarat Model of development, but I plugged in my earphones instead to cut the crap. Back home, I switched on TV to catch some T-20 action, only to find a new advertisement custom made for this cricketing event. I admired the creativity of the PR team of Modi, but already had too much of Modi. So I decided to flip through News channels. To my disappointment, Modi appeared to be their new mascot. Everyone was selling Modi. Most of them praising him and few others critical of his claims. I switched off the TV and decided to share with you that finally I know what Modi wave is!!

BJP might end up spending whooping 5000 crore by May 12 and that is Modi wave for you. Pick any newspaper, tune in to any radio channel, flip through any TV channel, log in to any website, drive through any street, you can’t avoid Modi. So unless you are living under a rock, you will encounter Modi every moment (like it or not). This is how wave is created. Give me 5000 crore and I will create any Tom_Dick_and_Harry wave for you. While one of my perpetual doubts has been dispelled, what perturbs me now is how Modi plans to recover the money that went into orchestrating this Modi wave. Hope we don’t have to pay for it!! 

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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