Its OK not to vote

My state goes into election tomorrow. Public Holiday!!
Followed by Good Friday. Hence a super extended weekend. For an IT professional, getting 4 day off in a row is something next to impossible, unless you inform your boss two months in advance. So I am planning for a long road trip. May be some quality time with my family or some fun time with my friends. I will take this opportunity to visit some place out of town and take a break from this rat race.

Yes, I will miss this festival of democracy. Yes, I will not VOTE.
But its okey not to vote!!!
Anyway how does this affect me? How does my vote count? What if I don’t vote and my colleagues don’t vote and an inefficient government is chosen to power?
I understand that a inefficient government may add to inflation, corruption, favoritism, unemployment, anarchy, lawlessness etc. But that affects the nation not me.

Just look at my posts for last couple of years. I have cribbed about anything and everything. I have questioned the silence of Manmohan Singh as much as his inaction. I have questioned genesis of many policies and improper implementation of others. I have criticized government for inflation. I have accused them for sliding rupee. I have implicated the government in many corruption cases and reprimanded them for inconsistent foreign policy. So this gives me liberty to take a day off. After all I am not a soldier who is paid to serve the nation. Even if I happen to be a soldier, I am not Muslim soldier who won us the Kargil. What if some one like Azam Khan, who tried to communalise army and mock their martyrdom, comes to power??
I am not a rapist. What if someone like Mulayam Singh comes to power? He only thinks that boys commit mistakes, no big deal na!!

If I vote, I can’t complain. If I choose a corrupt government. I can’t blame them because I chose them in the first place. If I choose a efficient government, what would I complain about. This has been most favored ice-breaker in my drawing room, at my work place, during travels. When I don’t know what to talk about with a stranger, I start cursing the government and I soon find a partner. I don’t want to lose this!!! Moreover all media houses and the satire websites would run bankrupt. This takes my blog into its ambit as well.

So, isn’t it worth to take a jaunty road trip than to vote. So choice is yours, if you can’t live without complaining about the government, don’t vote. Afterall, It’s OK not to vote!!!  

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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