UPA: Throwing Baits at the Fag End

UPA: Throwing Baits at the Fag End

The decade long rule (or misrule as some would say) of the United Progressive Alliance is about to end with the elections for the 16th Loksabha scheduled in April and May. As parties gear up for this festival of democracy, there is a rat race to announce freebies and populist schemes to woo the voters. Parties and politicians are busy changing sides. Old friends are turning foes and new rivals are cropping up. UPA camp appears to be in a hurry. Spate of bills that government had turned blind eye to for a decade are suddenly in the pipeline. This week, the union cabinet approved reservation for Jat community in government jobs. Though congressmen claim it to be sheer coincidence, the timing of this announcement is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

The model of conduct came into effect yesterday as soon as the Election Commission declared the schedule for the election. This has made it difficult for the government at the center and of the respective states to declare any major policy initiative. UPA, aware of this fact, used the available window to push through all the pending bills. Even the Congress government in Karnataka was seen busy laying foundation stones and flagging off grandiose projects.

Congress was desperately endorsing the anti-corruption bills mooted by congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. It tried to promulgate these bills through ordinance route. The reluctance of the President finally made ​​Union Cabinet to opt out of it. Congress might also defend its decision citing the din and chaos in the parliament. But it cannot shy away from the fact that it was the inefficiency of the government, corruption and scams that kept both the houses occupied and prompted the opposition to stall the proceedings of the parliament. The Parliamentary behavior expected from our representatives has hit a new low and in itself needs a separate post. It is most ironical that the government, which was neck deep in corruption, is suddenly so concerned about anti-graft bills.

Even at the fag end of its tenure, UPA has managed to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Few more scams have today been added to the glorified list of scams by UPA. Lutyens scam shows how government brazenly compromised with the security of the president and another expose shows how the Defense Ministry turned a blind eye to repeated request of the navy to replace the batteries of submarines, including INS Sindhuratna. Had the ministry been a tad more vigilant and sensitive, we would not have lost two of our brave hearts  Lt. Commander Kapish Muwal and Lt. Manoranjan Kumar.

Justice KT Thomas and Fali Nariman have turned down the invite by the government to be a part of Lokpal Search Committee. This not only suggests of a policy crisis but also of huge trust deficit.

With unscrupulous corruption in the past decade and current anti-incumbency wave, writing on the wall is clear. UPA is banking on the fact that public memory is very short. But scenario has changed completely since the last elections. If Delhi Election results are any sign, people are fed up of false promises. They look for the entire history and not just the ‘glorified’ last few days. They are ready to topple a political heavy weight if need be. Hence parties should realize that these poll gimmicks are only adding fuel to the fire. Either work for the entire tenure of five years or get ready to feel the heat!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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