Holi:Go Green, Play Safe

Last year, festivity of Holi turned into funeral for the family of a 12 year boy. He was among 200 children who fell sick after playing Holi.The incident occurred in Shastrinagar area of Dharavi slum. While innocent children of Dharavi were playing Holi, little did they know that they were playing with their own lives. This was not an isolated event of color poisoning. Such reports kept pouring in from different corners of the country. No sooner was the color applied, people suffered from allergic reactions including itching, vomiting, giddiness, nausea and vomiting.

Have we learnt lessons from our past? Are we heading for a cheerful and joyous Holi or a gruesome funeral? Skin infection and allergies due to colors are reported every year post Holi. Some of the chemical ingredients are not good for skin and hence lead to several disorders. But in recent years, further adulteration leading to color poisoning has led to lethal consequences. It not only mars the festivity of Holi but also discourages people from celebrating this festival. People refrain from playing Holi and stay indoors. Thus, charisma of Holi has degraded over the years. On this auspicious day, which signifies victory of divine over devil, we can’t let devil prevail.

We can’t compromise with the festivity of Holi, but can’t risk our lives as well. Hence, need of the hour is to go herbal this time. Shun all chemical colors and use only natural ones. Ofcourse, adulterations have been reported in herbal colors as well. There are herbal colors in market, which are extracted from herbs but are chemically treated in factories owing to large scale production and hence are no better than chemical colors. Then, we have chemical colors which are perfumed to deceive consumers. Hence, we must be vigilant while buying colors. We need to realize that color that we use can have far reaching consequences on many lives.

It is worthwhile to mention here that inmates of Tihar jail have taken-up a noble initiative to manufacture edible-grade herbal ‘gulal’ in vibrant shades using flour and maize. Natural colors, so prepared are in great demand this year. Many such initiatives are required to completely replace chemical colors from the market.Though herbal colors cost more, nothing is dearer than health. Moreover, if one can’t afford herbal color, one can prepare them at home free of cost from kitchen waste and flowers. Vegetable and fruit peels, which are thrown away from the kitchen, are actually rich in colors. The pomegranate peelings can give blood red color when soaked in water and boiled for sometime. Similarly, green color can be extracted from onion peelings. Notably, the floral wastes, which are usually dumped in temples and homes after performing rituals, are also a natural alternative for the chemical colors.

So, there is no reason not to use herbal colors. They are available free-of-cost, are eco-friendly and don’t tax your skin. Hence, let’s go herbal this Holi. We must ensure that no color poisoning case is reported this time, that no further lives are lost to chemical colors this Holi.

Go green, play safe. Wishing you all a joyous and cheerful Holi!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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