Decade long Governance, yet Fighting Election on promises not achievements

Decade long Governance, yet Fighting Election on promises not achievements

Congress led UPA recently launched its manifesto “Your voice, Our pledge”. Every political party comes out with this small Pandora box twice a decade, and UPA did no different. If UPA was to be judged by its manifesto alone, there were no problems.  But unlike the principal opposition party, the Bhartiya Janta Party, and the new kid on the floor, the Aam Aadmi Party, UPA would be judged by its performance in the last decade and not on the promises that it doles out. Like every other manifesto, it has something for every one. For middle and lower middle class, it promises of 10 crore jobs and creating job quota for economically backward sections without affecting the current caste based reservation. It assures of right to health and social security.

The manifesto also takes into its ambit the corporate houses and managerial class by assuring an investment to the tune of one trillion dollar in the next decade in power, transport and infrastructure. Had UPA done any good in its decade long governance, this manifesto would have added to its achievement, but on the contrary  it just mocks at the tainted past of the UPA. The fact that a lot of promises have been carried from the last manifesto takes the shine of these promises. It reminds me of one of the ‘idea’ commercials, where a politician addressing the villagers says “Paani jaroor layenge, ye humara wada hai”. He is interrupted by a youth in the crowd who replays his same speech from last election. So UPA must realize “No ullu banawing”

Weighed down by corruption, inflation, nepotism and inefficient governance, UPA witnesses many of its allies leaving this sinking ship. Now the dilemma with the congress is how to face the public again. Its ‘achievements’ would help its rivals more. Hence it has decided to come up with hollow promises. But it would soon realize that actions speak louder than words.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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