Will you be my Valentine??

Will you be my Valentine?
I am only ninety nine.
What about if my hairs are grey?
My heart is brimming still all day.

My thick spectacles look for your way,
My steady heart will never betray.
No muscles, only bones within
I am quite slim and trim.

My ears sharp enough to hear from you,
My ‘life’ long experience to guide you.
My flesh gone but bones intact,
My both legs still in the act.

My three teeth looking for century grand,
Still rock solid is my skinny hand.
What about if I can’t run?
No matter if I am Mum,
But still we will have a lot of fun.

I never thought that my hairs will grey,
And finally I would pass away.
My epitaph still reads your name,
I played my part and you played your game.
When I was young I was brave,
But how neglected is my grave!!

[A dead man is feeling neglected on Valentine’s Day and his sad tale invokes nothing but humor]

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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