Buy Sell Love this Valentine

Buy Sell Love this Valentine

Patriotism has been a bi-annual affair for Indians for decades now. It is sin to elicit our patriotism except on 26th of January and 15th of August. Similarly, now love is also an annual affair. 14th of February, globally celebrated as Valentine’s Day, is now officially the day to express your love for your partner. Cupid has been busy like never before. While he could keep love birds happy all through rose, propose, chocolate, teddy, promise, hug and kiss day; on the Valentine’s Day, he would be assisted by Saint Valentine to distribute the certificates of true love.

One fine morning, you wake up and bang!!!
Its Propose Day.
You are supposed to express your love today. You miss it and you have to wait for the sun to orbit around the earth once more. As if it’s a deadline for applying to university of love.
Seriously, I have seen most callous proposals in modern times.
You propose a girl, she accepts and she is the love of your life, she rejects and she is a bitch, a whore and what not.
How Sick!!!

What am I talking about?
Am I against love or am I against Valentine’s Day??
Well, I loathe neither. But let’s not restrict our love to a day. Let’s not make it compulsory to gift teddy. For the record, I hate these useless creatures. So I would neither gift nor accept these and there comes the teddy day mocking right at my face!!! Let’s keep our love serene and it’s expression divine. You shouldn’t wear your love on your sleeves. Neither should gifts be the only expression of your love.

Businesses around the globe; big or small, try to milch this opportunity. Whether you walk by the street side hawker or visit a mega-store, you can spot a heart shaped chocolate or a heart shaped pillow or a teddy holding his heart out or what not. I just realized that they even have heart shaped shoes and slippers in the market. Gross!! Who would trample his love??

While we brace ourselves for the festival of love this year, let’s ensure continuum. Let it be the day when we express our love, not the only day that we do so. Let’s neither promote moot commercialisation of love nor moral policing. Let there be love: today tomorrow and forever…

…and If you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s day; don’t be sad. Most people don’t have Aids on World Aids day as well 😛

Its NOW or NEVER!!