...Aur Pappu Fail Ho Gya

…Aur Pappu Fail Ho Gya

During my undergraduate studies, I had a friend. No, he is not dead!!! We have just grown apart thereafter. Let’s call him Pappu (name changed for privacy :P) He was famous in the entire  class for one unique quality. During the viva exams, he used to catch hold of anyone who was interviewed before him. He would typically say-“Tell me the answer to any one question that you were asked?”. Pappu would then memorize that answer.  And come his turn, he would repeat those few lines irrespective of what the teacher asked. Rumors had it that once when he was asked his name he replied  “Bipolar junction transistor” 

The recent interview of Rahul Gandhi by Arnab Goswami vividly reminded me of Pappu. I know for sure that Pappu had no sibling, else I would have confused them to be twins. Before I go ahead, lets put a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I hold no personal grudge against Pappu. Yes, at times he secured more marks in Viva than me and it pained. Yes, I read whole night(Just Kidding) while he played counter-strike. But overall I had a better GPA and I was happy.  As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, I have no political ambition and we are fair and square.

I am not here to fish in troubled water. With all that has been written and said about this interview everywhere, from quora to facebook to newspapers. I didn’t want to pile more anguish for RaGa. But truth be told, words fall short to describe this epic interview. Its but natural for him to be nervous as it  was his first media interview. He was over-conscious, maybe because he didn’t want to create a controvery (which he anyway did). 

Isn’t it ironical that while Arnab asking the same question again and again made him the new national hero, Rahul repeating the same answer made him the laughing stalk?? Or was it because Rahul never answered his questions in the first place.

To me Rahul came as any under-prepared kid who mugs up few “expected questions” and if posed with different set of questions either pens down his answers irrespective of the question or complains back home that all the questions were out of syllabus. While RaGa obviously chose the former, it is still unclear whether he complained back to his mother. In that case he had the best of both the worlds.

Someone observed that when RaGa was asked the question on RTI, he had a profound smile on his face, very similar to what pappu had when he felt “yeh wala to answer pta hai”. But for me that smile was to garb his embarrassment because he must have realised that while he was enchanting RTI from the word go, it was now that he was actually expected to talk about RTI. Rahul invoked ‘system’,’women empowerment’ and ‘RTI’ dozen of times in every answer. I could find a resemblance to Manmohan Singh’s new found love for historians. In his recent press conference, MMS took the refuge of history everytime he was uncomfortable. Rahul just maintained the legacy just to indicate how ready he was for the task!!

And to make the matters worse, there were his sycophants, who started praising RaGa. “Atleast he didn’t walk out of interview as NaMo did once” they said. From when has Narendra Modi become a standard to gauge politicians. Have they started admitting that NaMo is set to be our next PM. Some one from the congress said-“Well, Rahul Gandhi stood his ground“. Yes, he did!! He stood till the ground beneath his feet slipped. And then he fell.

Meanwhile, as results of final semester were declared, We realized that Pappu really frustrated the examiner by repeating the same answer over again...aur pappu fail ho gya. What happens to RaGa is yet to be seen. Lets wait and watch!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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