Arvind Kejriwal: Anarchist or Harbinger of Change???

Arvind Kejriwal: Anarchist or Harbinger of Change???

Opposition says he is an anarchist and his team is a bunch of hooligans. Arvind Kejriwal doesn’t mind this new title. Infact, he himself asserts that he is an anarchist. When Delhi CM decided to proceed with dharna at rail bhawan to demand full control over Delhi Police, he would not have expected that media would ditch him this time round. Print and electronic media which generously donated its headlines to this new star on the firmament, suddenly turned hostile. His act was tagged as a poll gimmick and he was crowned an anarchist.

Well dharna for sure is not the first resort to anything. It caused great inconvenience to the Public. Metro stations had to be closed down, thousands of police personnel had to be deployed to avert any mishap. It also sounds a bit uncanny for a Chief Minister to openly contest the Police force of his own state and bring the fight against the center to the streets. But is it anarchy?? I guess not.

Somnath Bharti, the law minister, might have crossed the line by demanding a raid without any formal evidence or warrant. But the racist angle that media and political parties endorsed, must be condemned. These are sensitive issues and can impact bilateral ties. AAP and Police have their own version of the story and let’s not debate over their validity. The truth will ultimately crystal out. 

When 700 billion rupees meant for common wealth games were siphoned off by corrupt ministers that was anarchy. A government which provides 700 litres of water free to household or reduces the electricity tariffs to half doesn’t deserve this title.I won’t say that AAP’s governance hasn’t been a mixed bag. They committed some mistakes. But here is a government which has more laurels under its belt than pitholes. This happens very rarely in our democracy. It has hardly been a month and we are already checking if something in the manifesto remains unattended, while it was at the fag-end of the decade that we asked these questions from UPA. Give AAP some time and they will surprise all their critics.

Those who are calling this anarchy and are stumped by this political catapult. They are not used to a Chief Minister who sleeps in streets during bone-chilling cold. They are not used to ministers who roam around at mid-night refusing the comfort of their homes. They are not used to this austerity. They are not used to see their elective representatives so often, especially when the election are 5 years away (unless congress decides to snap). 

What Kejriwal did could be a poll gimmick or an attempt to salvage his minister, but then every political party does that. Hence political parties have lost credibility to cry foul. Moreover I see no wrong in Kejriwal’s demand for complete control over Delhi Police. All the erstwhile CMs of Delhi including Madan Lal Khurana, Shushma Swaraj, Sheila Dikshit have demanded for the same. Arvind Kejriwal just happens to show a tad more commitment to resolve this insoluble problem. I see no reason to doubt his intentions.

If this is what they call anarchy,let there be anarchy not just in Delhi but in the entire nation!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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