What Sachin Teaches Beyond Cricket

My Life; between 22 yards for 24 years, it is hard to believe that that wonderful journey is coming to an end.”  Most of us also share this disbelief that Sachin will never traverse those 22 yards again. This is not an end to his cricketing career; he will continue to contribute to the cricket in the years to come. His name would remain etched in the record books forever. He will surely be missed on the cricket ground. As he bids adieu to the game, he leaves behind a void which can never be compensated. Does this mean that Sachin will cease to inspire us?  Ofcourse not!!!

A lot has been written and said about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.  Little Master has hijacked the headlines, blogs and Social Media for weeks now. #ThankYouSachinovershadows everything on my Facebook and Twitter stream, as if we are making up for being unthankful too often in last 24 years.  Most of his records are on our tongue tips by now. Whatever I write about Sachin’s cricketing career would be a mere repetition of what has been written over and over again. This kept me from writing a blog on Sachin. But then there are things beyond Cricket, which are often neglected under the weight of record books.

Sachin, in his 24 years of cricket, has outgrown the game. His larger than life image has influenced every sphere of life. He has been the perfect gentleman of this gentleman’s game. Epitome of consistency, diligence, hard work, humility and commitment that he has been, he teaches us vital life skills. He exhibits incredible equanimity of temper, not getting too carried away in the heat of the moment. He never believed in sledging and never involved in ill-talks. His bat would answer all the provocations of the fielding side. He also preferred to silence his critics through his performance, whenever his ability was questioned. He exhibited incredible team spirit and fair play. He always put team before self. If he ever edged a ball, he never waited for the umpire to raise his finger and would walk down by himself.

Sachin leaves behind the advice that his father gave him when he was selected to represent India at the age of 16. His father told Sachin that now that his childhood dream had come true, he must realize that one fine day he would cease to play cricket. So while he must savor the moments as he represents India and play to the best of his ability, he must try to be a good person first. His behavior and nature would stay with him till the last breath. His persona would live beyond his career. Sachin has lived with these golden words. We must also follow his foot-steps. Most of us miss this point. Life is much more than your career. You should not just be known as a good software engineer but as a better person.

Sachin also stood by the words of his elder brother- whatever you do, you must give our best. Until his last match, he was known to hit the nets first. We must also give 100% in whatever we do. We must never regret that had we made a little extra effort, we could have succeeded. 

With the kind of success Sachin had, who won’t like to emulate him. But when a kid asked Sachin what he should do to be like him, Sachin told him to be himself. While he emphasized on the necessity to have a hero or role-model in life, he added that one must not lose one’s own identity. Sachin also suggested to focus on strengths and not just weaknesses. Most often we emphasize too much on our weaknesses. What we need to realize is that everyone is a mix of qualities. It is unfair not to count our blessings. We must be satisfied with what we have and use it in the best possible way. Randy Pauschrightly puts it as we can’t change the cards we are dealt, just how we play hands.

In his farewell speech, Sachin demonstrated that whatever we achieve in life, we must acknowledge the support of family and friends. He still carries the humility of that 16 years old debutant. He unites the entire nation into a single cord like no one else. If Sachin is not the god, he is no less. He is the living legend. He stands for principles that each one of us ought to imbibe. To say that this is the end of Sachin, is to restrict Sachin to Cricket. There are those who don’t follow Cricket and yet admire Master Blaster. Sachin would continue be our role model. Laurels and accolades will keep coming by. Yesterday he was selected for Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award. This makes Sachin the youngest and the only sports person to get this coveted title. Phew, one more record!!!
Don’t cry cause it’s over, smile cause it happened. It was but natural for us to get numb during his farewell speech.  But it’s time to cherish and appreciate the great service that he has done to the country and to the game. We must also ensure that his values, ethos and principles are not washed away with our tears. Long live Sachin!!                                                    #ThankYouSachin

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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