66 years since foreigners stopped looting us...

66 years since foreigners stopped looting us…

On 15th August (1947), India got free from the hold of Britain and was formally declared as Independent. England exploited us for almost two centuries (1757-1947), they entered as a trader and eventually crept into administration and governance. They perfected the art of ‘divide and rule‘ and made the most of the differences that existed within India. Our forefathers fought hard to set the country free and restore the dignity. Innumerable lives were lost; lakhs became homeless and as many were orphaned and widowed. Our freedom fighters gave to this country everything they had to get back the Independence.

This day marks the 66 years since we became Independent. Every year we celebrate this day as our Independence Day and pay our homage to great freedom fighters. But what exactly is that we celebrate? It has been 66 years since foreigners stopped looting us and we started looting each other. Present scenario of the country suggests that 66 years of independence has been worse than 200 years of British rule. Back then, atleast we knew who our enemies were. Today our own people unscrupulously indulge in corruption and fight to get the greatest pie of mother India.

Is it the time to celebrate or should we introspect as to what went wrong? Our neighboring countries constantly challenge our sovereignty. Some have the audacity to deploy their troops in Indian Territory, others dare to intrude into our territory and kill our soldiers. Adding fuel to fire, we have audacity to remain silent and insensitive. Some ministers have the guts to disrespect the martyrs and still exist as Indian citizens. What else can we expect when a country’s prime minister opts to remain silent even in the face of provocation from the neighbors?

Corruption is at its peak. Whether it be mid-day meals or common wealth; we don’t miss a chance to make money even at the cost of lives of our fellow brethren. Political class is crushing the bureaucracy. Honest bureaucrats are not only tortured but also falsely implicated. Durga Shakti paid the price of taking on the sand mafia. She was not only suspended but was also falsely implicated for provocation of communal violence. There was a minister who boasted of ousting her in 41 minutes and another who mocked her referring to Hindu goddess ‘Durga ji’.

A communal riot breaks out in a state, anti-India posters are pasted in the region. Instead of ensuring harmony and peace, chief minister of this state makes an obscure and bizarre reference to Gujarat riots only to worsen the situation. Son-in-law of a political heavy weight enjoys political patronage. All rules are flouted to help him make fortunes and yet no one questions!!

There are problems galore with the country. Wheels of development have been clogged with corruption. Martyrs are being mocked, judiciary and bureaucracy is being paralyzed, government is no more accountable and political class enjoys autonomy. So what is it that we celebrate today? This 66 years long journey from hope to hopelessness has not been pleasant. But we can’t sit back and criticize. We can’t just hoist our national flag, sing national anthem twice a year and believe that everything is hunky-dory. 

Let’s spare sometime and ponder where are we heading to? We remember our forefathers for their sacrifices. Do we want our coming generations to curse us for squandering this hard fought freedom?

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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