Mahabodhi blasts: Shit Indian politicians say

Mahabodhi blasts: Shit Indian politicians say

Some politicians are trying to link the recent Bodhgaya blasts to Narendra Modi. Post the blast, Digvijay Singh tweeted  “Flip side of this. Amit Shah promises a Grand Temple at Ayodhya. Modi addresses Bihar BJP workers and asks them to teach Nitish a lesson….Next day Bomb Blasts at Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya. Is there a connect? I don’t know. ALLOW NIA TO COMPLETE INVESTIGATION PLEASE !” These are the same group of people, who blamed Narendra Modi and tried to politicize his rescue act during the Uttarakhand calamity.

Story is not over yet. Mamata Banerjee was also quick to join the bandwagon. She was quoted- “Today it has happened in Bihar. Which one is the target for tomorrow – West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh or Odisha?”  She implied that it was an act to destabilize the regional parties and their recent attempt to form a third front.

As if Diggi was not enough to hoist the flag of congress, Renuka Chaudhary tried to revive the memories of parliament attacks and Kandhar Plane Hijack and reminded that BJP should not forget their incompetence when they allege the centre.

With these recent developments, BJP is caught in two minds. Ravi Shankar Prasad repeatedly said that he did not want to politicize this bomb blast but ended up doing the same. He relates it to Mumbai blast and the statements of the terrorists then. He also referred to some recent IB (Intelligence Bureau) inputs. He added that State and Central governments have failed the people by not responding to these warnings. How has Ravi Shankar the access to the IB inputs. If he has, this is the real failure of the governments. As far as confession from Mumbai blast perpetrators are concerned, BJP was the part of the Bihar government then and can’t shriek away from their responsibility to fail the state’s expectations. How could RJD be far behind? They have called for a bandh as if it would make things any better. Their idea has also been endorsed by state BJP.

While this list goes on, it upsets me to see how unscrupulous our politicians can be. It’s not about Narendra Modi, it’s not about JDU, it’s not even about Nitish Kumar….it’s about our country-India. Mahabodhi temple finds a revered place in Indian history. It is the place where Buddha was enlightened. It is as valuable to Indians as it is to any Buddhist. Hence we condemn any political attempt to give it religious color.

I am unable to fathom out how a bandh helps the cause. It doesn’t affect the culprits, it doesn’t help the victims either. All it does is victimize the poor. A rikshaw puller, an auto wallah, a vegetable vendor, a roadside stall owner losses a day’s wage and their family is ‘half’ fed for a day, but who cares!!

Stop politicising terrorist attacks and calamity. Don’t make fun of misery of people. There are some who lose their lives, there are those who are hurt and need immediate attention. In such times, we need to be united and reach out to people. Trust me, it won’t hurt much if you don’t hijack the front pages for some days. Media should also not pay heed to these blabbers. Better focus on the core issues and help those in need.

Speech is silver, but the silence is golden. If politicians don’t know what to speak,they better don’t speak. How much I wish these politicians turn dumb in such times, atleast the dumbo ones.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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