We don't just talk, we walk the talk

We don’t just talk, we walk the talk

Talk, talk, talk!!! This is what blogs are all about.
Oh yes!! We too do a lot of talking, but going a step forward. We walk the talk as well.
Very recently, we collaborated with Thapar University students to organize an event “Spread Happiness @ Thapar University“.

Big ideas never change the world, small ideas do. This was a random idea that came up during lunch chit-chats in Hostel mess of Thapar University. Some final year students were discussing about what they would do with their blankets, mattress, pillow, clothes and shoes etc as they vacate the hostel forever. They mutually agreed to distribute all the things that they would leave behind, to someone who may use it. WakeIndiaNow provided these students a platform to publicize this event and turn this idea into reality.

We created  facebook event and floated a form for students interested to contribute their stuffs or volunteer for the event. Students just had to fill the form or drop a mail to admin(at)wakeindianow.com and we got back to them for further process. Many students contributed generously and came forward to volunteer for the event. WakeIndiaNow organized awareness programs and helped in frictionless execution of the event. We appointed volunteers in each hostel, who collected all the stuff contributed by students. Meanwhile, many Thapar alumni appreciated this unique concept and came forward to provide monetary support. We refused any monetary sponsorship and financed the entire event ourselves. All that we collected till 5th of June,was distributed to rickshaw pullers working in the campus and maids and servants working in Patiala. The debut edition of this event culminated successfully this Wednesday. We don’t intend to stop here and hence this blog. We would pass the baton to existing students so that this event is organised in Thapar University every year. We would also like other colleges and universities to emulate this model. We would be more than happy to extend our support and mentor such events.

A glimpse of the event–

Some of the stuffs collected outside Hostel-H
Some of the stuffs collected outside Hostel-J
Truly Happiness multiplies when shared
Tonight we will ‘SLEEP WELL’
Pre-Event Information on Thapar intranet website
“Thousand of candles can be lit from a single candle and life of the candle will not be shortened,
                    Happiness never decreases from being shared”
Its NOW or NEVER!!