Father's Day Special: acknowledge the selfless love and care

Father’s Day Special: acknowledge the selfless love and care

All appraisals, devotions, poems , dedications in reality, literature, paintings, feelings are ofter for mothers and share of fathers is compromised since ages. Father – the male parent, as per tradition is the bread earner of the family, the luxury-comfort provider of the family, the future securer of the family, the protective arm of the family. But he is too busy in all these that he lags behind in building a rapport with the children. 

Its not that he lacks that special affection, love & care but his ways of expression are restricted and different. But the scene has changed and is constantly changing. Gone are the days when father’s entering the house meant ‘keep quiet’ for children. Mother used to be the sole medium of interaction between a father and a child. Fathers carried on the trend of curtailing outflow of love & emotions for generations. But today Fathers are breaking trends, they too affectionately hug and kiss children publicly. They too find it soothing to hold their child tightly to their chest. Its not that older generation fathers cared less but today they don’t see the necessity of showing themselves dry of feelings.

Today Dads love too play an equal part in nurturing and raising kids. They leave no stone unturned to secure his child’s future. In some cases where Moms are busier than dads, Daddy love their greater share with their young genes.

Daddies becoming cool Dads. And today kids share day to day activities, stories, jokes and special moments also with fathers which were earlier copyright of mothers. “A Daddy is the first Super Hero for a son and first love for a daughter” is a famous quote . But I would slightly disagree with this. For me he is both.

I share that special bond with my Pappa. And, not only me but my siblings too feel the same. And we agree that our father is the bestest as every other kid would do.

Today is Fathers’ Day but it would be happy when no father in the last days of his fatherhood is left isolated with tears in their eyes. And Every Day would be Father’s Day when at least reason behind those tears are not his children. 

Today, we should acknowledge the selfless love and care of our Father and celebrate this pious festival as Father’s Day – not just today but on every other day of the year.

Its NOW or NEVER!!