Once upon a time it was called Gentleman's Game...

Once upon a time it was called Gentleman’s Game…

Which profession pays you for under-performing? Undoubtedly it is cricket. You drop few catches, get hit out of the park and you stand a chance to be a billionaire; alluring it is!! Who would not fall for it? Exactly!! BCCI says these are the three rotten eggs-S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila; rest is all hunky dory. Are you kidding me? 9 teams, 250 players, billions of dollars at stake in betting, chance for easy money; and you want us to believe that these three were the chosen ones. You leave three rotten eggs in a basket for six springs and the entire basket stinks. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many new faces are yet to be unmasked. BCCI needs to shun this damage control mode, damage has already been done. What it needs to do is to identify the lapses on its part and own up the responsibility. 

Mr Sreesanth,
You were slapped once and I empathized. But today I feel like slapping you hard, slapping a billion times for cheating a billion fans of cricket in India. 

Ankeet Chavan, 
You ruined your own marriage scheduled just a fortnight from now. Even if you needed this money to pay dowry to bride’s family, you are still a culprit as dowry is strictly illegal in India. 

Ajit Chandila,  
you might not have been slapped before, but you truly deserve one. Your act has shamed us all.

In India, cricket is a religion and cricketers are no less than God. You have unscrupulously betrayed us and robbed us of our trust and expectation. I have paid over Rs 4000 to watch IPL matches this season, and it truly infuriates me to realize that what I saw was a pre-scripted sequence of events.

50 days, 76 matches, each match going till the last over- what else could a bookie ask for. IPL provides a fertile breeding ground for corruption and spot fixing. This added with the poor governance and monitoring runs havoc. In a match of 100 odd balls, every ball, every over counts. So one compromised over can change the outcome of the game. Hence let’s be clear that it is not just spot fixing but a clear case of match fixing. Delhi police has revealed how these insolent players used codes to signal a compromised over. Sreesanth tugged a towel during second over of his spell in a match, signaling the compromised over. In a match  of Rajasthan Royals Vs Mumbai Indians, Chavan was asked to give away atleast 13 runs in 2nd over of his spell in lieu of Rs 60 lakhs. He gave 2 runs in the his 1st over. But was hit for 2 sixes in the first half of the next over. Overall he gave away 15 runs.

Today, we know how susceptible Indian cricket is. How cricket is directly controlled by bookies and underworld mafia like the one-whose-name-should-not-be-taken(Dawood bhai :P). But is there a way out? What would happen in this case? These players face the danger of being banned from cricket for life. This is what has happened to Azharuddin, Hansie Cronje and TP Sudhindra. S Sreesanth is already 30, and so is Ajit Chandila. Do they still give a damn to life ban? They hardly have any cricket left, few years of fixing would have given them more money than lifetime of cricketing career. Clearly, life-ban is just an eyewash and is not deterrent enough. This leads to snowball effect. As these three would get away without any criminal charge, encouraging other fellow players to follow suit.

Once upon a time, it was called Gentleman’s game. Gone are the days when players used to take pride in representing their country or state. Everything has boiled down to money. Since players have lost the fear of God, fear of punishment can only save the cricket. Its time to recognize match fixing as an criminal offense globally and explore punishments beyond life-ban. If TP Sudhindra was jailed, likes of Sreesanth would never have dared. If Sreesanth is let free, many more fixers would crop-up.

Wake India Now!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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