Dear Maunmohan, Speak Up lest you are Sacrificed

A new trend within the UPA is distinctly visible; credit Sonia Gandhi for all the good-doing(if any) and blame Maunmohan Singh for every wrong doing. Even in the recent case of resignation of the Union law minister Mr Ashwani Kumar, Manmohan had maintained that Kumar had done no wrong by interfering with CBI’s coalgate investigation and hence would not resign. Even UPA spokesperson echoed the same opinion, which undoubtedly would be the views of madamji herself. But just a week thereafter, UPA chairperson meets Manmohan Singh and subsequently union railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal and Law minister Ashwani Kumar tender their resignation. The political propaganda orchestrated by Gandhi family is clear; first paint the PM and his brigade in poor light as they attempt to justify corruption and nepotism and then jump onto bandwagon as a savior.

Anyone who has observed UPA for last 9 years, knows well that Ms Gandhi is the director of this drama. Every single move is scripted. Manmohan Singh or UPA spokesperson can’t take a stand without prior approval of the party chairperson. So a conflict in opinion between Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi is a very shrewd political move to polarize the party into good and evil. While Ms Gandhi personifies good, her most loyal aide is an epitome of evil.

Ashwani Kumar had nothing at stake in coal-gate scam, hence his interference in CBI investigation must have been at the behest of PMO. Hence it was obligatory on PM to defend him. Kumar’s resignation projects him culpable and indirectly questions the propriety of MMS. In rail-gate scam, charges on the minister were severe. Accepting bribe for preferentially promoting railway officer and channeling the bribe money through hawala are serious allegations. How could erstwhile minister’s nephew affect the key decisions in railway without the knowledge of the minister himself. Either  his nephew was making these critical decisions or knew someone who had authority to do so. In either case,Bansal is culpable. Tagging both the cases together can also be a well planned move.

UPA has been good at alienating tainted ministers. Be it Kalmadi, Raja, Ashwini or Bansal; once a minister is axed, he is made the scapegoat. He is sacrificed at the altar of corruption. Ashwani and Bansal are the latest political casualty. All the while, writing on the wall is clear. Manmohan Singh might be the next. This is a  clear attempt to shift all the corruption charges to the PM and pacify the reputation of Gandhi family.

Of all the ‘scapegoats’ sacrificed by the UPA, Manmohan remains the best one. While A Raja still writes to JPC proclaiming his innocence or rather blaring out culpability of others and Ashwani Kumar still maintains his innocence, if Manmohan Singh is ever sacrificed, all he would do is praise his commander and sacrifice himself as a loyal foot soldier of a political superpower, who made him what he is today…a ‘maun’ mute spectator and an aging economist.

Speak up Maunmohan, your silence is no longer adored. Public loathes it and your political masters misuse it. Speak up or get down!!  

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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