Why is Modi Suddenly Gaining Global Acceptability?

Why is Modi Suddenly Gaining Global Acceptability?

In 2005, USA denied visa to Narendra Modi citing his dubious role in 2002 Godhra riots. As late as in 2012, USA reiterated that it would stick to its 2005 policy against Modi. Suddenly in march this year, a team of congressmen and businessmen visited Gujarat and not only praised Modi for his commendable work but also assured to vouch for an American visa to the Gujarat chief minister. What dramatic has happened since December last year to march this year that has forced USA to change its stance? Suddenly USA is extending red carpet to Narendra Modi. This can’t be seen as an isolated event. Let’s not forget that in October last year, UK’s high commissioner in India met Narendra Modi and expressed London’s willingness to collaborate, ending a 10-year boycott of the controversial leader. Why is Modi suddenly gaining  global acceptability?? Is it just the development model of Gujarat? State was as developing in 2012 as it is now!!!
I am not gainsaying the involvement of Modi government in 2002 riots. There were serious lapses on the part of administration and it is alleged that those lapses were orchestrated at behest of Narendra Modi. Even otherwise, state failed completely to restrain a communal riot and Modi, at the helm of affairs in the state, owes the moral responsibility. But post Godhra, Modi and his state has largely been secular and today Hindus and Muslims peacefully co-exist reaping the benefits of development.
Development can be one of the reasons for rise of Modi on world arena. No doubt, Gujarat has shown phenomenal growth under the able leadership of Narendra Modi. US and UK want to tie up with the state to further their interests. Gujarat with sustained socio-economic growth has forced its way to the top in ‘Economic Freedom Rankings of the States of India 2012‘. The economic freedom Index is based on the three parameters – size of the government, legal structure and security of property rights, regulation of business and labour. This ranking speaks well of governance in Gujarat.
But these things didn’t happen overnight. Development is a perpetual process, hence sudden accolades hints to something fishy behind the scenes. Can we see these global developments in conjunction with the incoming general elections 2014? It was not before the chorus for Narendra Modi as PM candidate grew louder within BJP that United States and United Kingdom blinked. Is he globally being seen as the next Prime Minister of India?
With UPA already neck deep in corruption and nepotism, for it to score a hattrick appears improbable. Lack of vision as to who would lead the coalition into general election-2014, combined with the sulking partners would only add to the advantage of opponents. In such scenario, chances of BJP led NDA being voted to power are really high. Narendra Modi may not be very popular among secular forces, but his image of honest and development oriented leader appears to have wide acceptability among youths especially in urban areas. Hence Modi’s elevation to Prime Ministerial candidate might help NDA ride the anti-incumbency tide. Once the party think-tank is convinced that the extension in vote base more than compensates for the loss of allies like JD(U), who would part ways if Modi is declared the PM candidate, the formal announcement would be made. It is speculated that BJP is waiting for opportune time to make this big announcement.

With Narendra Modi already in the core team of Rajnath Singh, writing on the wall is clear. PM or not, Narendra Modi is going to be the kingmaker if the BJP comes to power. Even otherwise, he is set to play a major role in National politics post 2014 general elections.  Hence this sudden shower of appreciation for Narendra Modi across globe falls in line with the changing equations in National politics in India.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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