When a Son Kills his Father...

When a Son Kills his Father…

We talk about corruption, nepotism, price rise, inflation all the time. Everyday, electronic and print media is stuffed with such news and we believe that a crime logically culminates with the punishment to the criminal. For us, justice is done to 2G scam, if A Raja is punished.  Even if we assume that Raja is the sole culprit of 2G scam, the real problem is, even after A Raja was caught, it didn’t help our cause much. Corruption is as prevalent today as it was post 2G era. Similarly hanging Afzal Guru have had little impact on terrorism in our country, arrest of culprits in Delhi gang-rape didn’t deter the rapists at all. At the root of all these troubles, lies the epidemic of increasing moral bankruptcy. Lack of ethics and patriotism encourages our leaders to betray the trust we extend to them. For every A.Raja or Kalmadi caught, there are thousands who roam scot free. Similarly for every Ram Singh caught, there are millions still roaming on the streets. Gross negligence of human values and lack of moral ethics turn men into rapists. 
Most of the problems that we face today can be traced back to moral bankruptcy which in turn is a consequence of weakening family ties and issues with upbringing. Altercation between brothers for property or power is not new to us. Right from Vedic period when Kaurvasfought their cousins Pandavas  for Hastinapur to present day when Pramod Mahajan was murdered by his brotherPravin Mahajan, blood relations have been strained and stained by such disputes. Of all these, what amazes me most is the creatures audacity to kill his creator. (Here, I am not referring to the disrespect we show to the divine God, I will spare some posts to dive into such spiritual topics.) We are talking about changing parent-child relationship. When a son can sponsor the murder of his own father, what else do you expect from the youth of today? I am really perturbed by the recent revelation that murder of BSP leader Deepak Bhardwaj was planned by his son Nitesh. This is not an isolated event, even this week a similar incident was reported in Manali and was one amongst hundreds reported every year.

I have seen my peers with scant regards for their parents, some of them even publicly abusing their parents. So unscrupulous, such ingratitude!!!  I often wonder for where are we headed? We have wealth, comfort, technology, power and network. We have conquered the whole world but are not at peace at home. We complain of attacks by neighboring countries, while we attack our own parents.

 I came across this epic storyyears ago and it has only grown more relevant today. 
A successful businessman passed on his entire business to his son, Arun, and retired. Initially Arun respected his father and reported the development in business to him each day.  Gradually he became reluctant and loathed his father’s advice. One day, he threw his father out of the house. Father had to beg on streets to survive. Years later, once in chilly winter, old man came to his son’s house begging for a blanket.  As Arun was giving an old tattered blanket to his father, he noticed his small kid cutting the blanket into half. When inquired as to why he was doing so, the kid replied-“I am cutting this blanket in half, father, so I can give half to my grandfather. But I am going to keep the other half for you, father, so when you grow old and go out to beg in the cold, then I’ll give you this part of the blanket to keep you warm”.
What goes around comes around. We have set bad example for next generation. We are digging our own graves. Remember, if you don’t respect your parents. You would not be respected when you need it the most!!
Its NOW or NEVER!!


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