Enough is enough, Hang the Culprits

A five year old girl is kidnapped and raped and nobody does anything!! Why? What do we do? Flip around few news channel, read articles and one fine day a new topic crops up and we forget about everything else. When Nirbhaya’s case was in limelight, it seemed as if things would change.  Protests, lip services and four months down the line, we have hardly made any progress.
We are the society of hypocrites; we teach our children to respect female fraternity and at the same time we outrage the modesty of female with such unfortunate incidents. What was the mistake of that 5 year old kid? When will we do anything except  condemning?When would we change? When will women feel safe in their own houses? An icy figure ran down my spine when I heard about this incident. All the claims of civilization is farce in the face of such barbaric act. Someone who just started living, someone who doesn’t even know the meaning of rape is raped and we condemn!
Doctors found pieces of candle and bottle from the body of the victim. Pains and pangs of that 5 year old girl can’t even be imagined.  This barbaric incident will haunt her lifelong. I am infuriated, but the feeling of helplessness soon takes over.  I don’t feel sorry for her. Instead, I feel sorry for myself that I am a native of the country where no one gives a damn about anything. I feel sorry for myself that I can’t do anything. Ofcourse, I can come down to streets and protest, but that hardly changes anything.
Delhi being the capital of India is now known as the Rape Capital. Delhi appears to have become safe haven for criminals. I know, we can’t blame police for every other thing. But cases as these, only expose the inefficiency of our police. The kid was locked just two floors down, yet police could not trace her for two days.When victim’s father went to file a complaint, police officer gave his Rs 2000 and said be happy that she is alive, concentrate on her health and avoid approaching media. We believe in the police that they would help us out during the time of need but why would they care? Gross negligence of duty by police is evident in this case. They not only tried to suppress the case, but also manhandled the protesters. Assistant commissioner’s audacity to slap a female protester amazes me the most. Isn’t it a physical violence against women? While we expect the police to protect the women of the country, they are the ones creating insecurity. Just because they have power and authority, doesn’t mean they have the right to do anything.
Media can play a great role here but all they care about is their TRPs and nothing else. If the media is determined, they can make a huge impact  but who cares anyway, right? And we say we are great. Enough is enough, its high time now to set an example before the society. Tough deterrents are the need of the time. Death penalty should be awarded for all rape cases. Even hanging the culprits is gifting them easy deaths. But this being the highest sentence by the Indian judiciary, we would settle for this. We must ensure that all such cases are fast-tracked and culprits are hanged at the earliest.  

(inputs from Amit )

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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