Don’t fool the God

Navaratri has just concluded with the festivity of Ramnavmi being celebrated across India today. These ten days and nine nights are dedicated to nine forms of Hindu deity Durga. Apart from religious and cultural exuberance, this period is also marked by sudden moral ‘edification’ among Hindus. Non-vegetarians turn to green, alcohol-addicts suddenly shun drinking, corrupt turns into saint and exploiter starts charity. All these good things would end tomorrow and we would switch back to our normal routine- eating away life forms, bribing and exploiting. This brings us to a very vital question- whom are we fooling??
If god exists, isn’t he omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent; meaning thereby that he is everywhere, knows everything and is almighty. So, if he knows that you donated Rs 10 to a poor today, he also knows that you insulted and exploited hundreds of poor for rest of the year. Religion is not a ‘Temple Run’(a game which sounds very religious :P), where festive days have higher coin multiplier.

Many voracious non-vegetarians cultivate empathy for other life forms for this week. This appears ridiculous to me for many reasons. Firstly, god is one. Same creator created Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. There is just one supreme power propelling all life forms. So if eating chicken or drinking alcohol is a sin this week, it would be a sin for all. God won’t selectively allocate sin to Hindu for eating non-veg and spare others. Laws of religion must be  uniform, applicable to all. If it selectively focuses on one caste or creed, it certainly is a myth orchestrated by the so called ‘guardians’ of our religion. The point that I want to drive home is that sin, charity, virtue etc are not relative terms. If exploiting the poor is a sin, it is so for all, round the year. No religious literature advocates fooling or manipulating the God. Hence stop this religious hypocrisy!!

During this Navratri, I visited a temple nearby. I had my lunch at ‘Lunger’(free food served by religious organizations) inside the temple premises. I was truly satisfied that our contributions and donations help feed some hungry brethren. I had finally found one good reason to visit temple regularly. But, while returning, I was baffled by the audacity of a priest, who stopped a beggar from entering the temple. He perhaps wanted to participate in ‘lunger’ but was turned away. This led to a very sad realization that we have adulterated our religion to an extent that even virtues have turned to bane. Langer is meant for hungry but they are not allowed, charity is meant for needy but we squander it over priests who are already well-off.

I have no particular affinity or grudge against Navratri or Hinduism. The tale remains same across all religions and festivals. We need to break this chain of hypocrisy and explore the true religion-the religion of humanity, the religion that creator wants us to follow!!!

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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