India of my dreams

 Sixty seven years of independence and sixty four years of being a republic nation, every now and then we ask ourselves; are we really independent? Do we deserve to be called a Republic ?
We have tried a lot to find an answer of this question but we always end up going back our normal daily stuffs instead of taking some time out to think about our country.
We always dream to be called a citizen of such a country which holds a supreme position in the whole world. Many of us are even predicting that by the end of year 2020, India will become world’s most powerful country. Whom are we fooling !! Looking at the current scenario, just forget about all such dreams instead starting evaluating for the worst case. The economic growth is dipping, education system is being insulted by everyone, women are not safe anymore even in the broad daylight, corruption is reaching its peak, price hikes has become a fashion and the rich are becoming more rich as poor’s are turning poorer. Farmers who work whole day whole year so that we can enjoy our meals are not given their basic necessity which they deserve.
Considering all such factors how are we gonna become world’s most powerful nation???
India has always been a country with lots of potentials. We were being ruled by so many rulers for so many years because of the potential, our soil, our land, our resources and most importantly – we the people of our country. You go anywhere in the world and you will end up finding Indians everywhere. We Indians are so much capable that if we really put our 100% into something definitely we will do something big, really big. But the problem is we are very directionless, we don’t have many opportunities that would define our potential, define us. No wonder why we are called The Great Indians…
Every year on 26th January we salute our flag, everywhere lots of cultural events takes place but we do it only for the sake of formality. A republic country means a country where the power lies in the hand of the people of that country. How many of us agree with this fact? No one for sure, in our country the power lies in the hand of those people who have money, and lots of money. If you have money then you can turn the world upside down. You can do anything you want to do. How many ministers have seen jail? Even though they hold criminal records nothing happens actually. For becoming a MP, MLA or part of the Indian political system one has to fulfill certain criteria which are only written on the piece of paper, it is never implemented. So what is the point of having the best constitution of world which is never implemented, never practiced by the government? When something happens, this makes the people to carry out some protest then these MPs, MLAs of those particular area starts demanding for the change in our law. Whole year they won’t even care about anyone but during the time of election they will visit their area and make false promises to win their votes.
Why there is a need to make any changes in our law when we have the best constitution in the whole world? Instead of changing the law why we can’t simply implement the law wherever it’s required? Our Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh holds several degrees in several stream and three times gold medalist but I feel so sorry for him because he can’t do anything on his own. He is a puppet who is being controlled by Sonia Gandhi who doesn’t even hold any cabinet position still she is ruling our country. According to the constitution of India one who doesn’t hold any cabinet position are not supposed to take any decisions in favor of our country. Then who has given Sonia Gandhi the permission to do that?
Since childhood we have been taught to respect women but when we grow up we end up raping someone. And we call ourselves Man, we feel proud of our culture, we feel proud of the male dominant society, we feel proud of our tradition where dowry, honor killing, child marriage are still being practiced. We have many issues, everyone has. I am not denying the fact that only we are facing so many issues. Everyone around the globe is in the same ship but the difference here is there we are doing something and we are not.
I dream of a country where people don’t fight among themselves because of their caste and religion. Where people don’t discriminate others, because they belong from higher class. Where there is no such thing called caste, we should be known from our nationality and not from which state we belong. Where education is given the first priority and the most important one. Doesn’t matter we are in rural are or urban area everyone should get same level of education. A country where in everyone should encourage people to start something of their own. where people are busy creating jobs instead of finding jobs. A country where women are respected and not raped. A country where the judicial system is so prominent that instead of ten years the culprits are convicted within short period of time. A country where Police work for the welfare of people and not harass them. Where the politicians don’t just make false promises but actually do it. Where the Prime Minister is not dumb enough to be controlled by someone else. Where the middle class and lower class people are not being crushed in the ocean of price hike and they are not unemployed. Where any work is done without bribing people. And a country where the power actually lies in the hands of the people where everyone votes and chose their own representative. Once these are fulfilled then no one can stop us from becoming world’s most powerful nation. And the day this happened I would feel that I lived my dream.

Happy Republic Day !

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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