Being an Engineer

Being an Engineer

This world of ours has seen great thinkers-countless of them.Some of them tried to explain the mysteries of life and death.Some tried to explain the existence and eternity of soul.There were yet others who tried to show us a path so that we make our lives meaningful. There have been an equally large group of  sociologists,ideologists  and economists-all aiming to make the inhabitants of our mother Earth free from poverty and hunger.Some urged us to work for the betterment of the oppressed.Some of them seemed quite logical when they said –‘So long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every man a traitor’. But all of them failed.

But then,there have been Engineers.They always made the world a better place to live in.Unlike the ‘Great thinkers’ they did not have millions of followers.They are not considered Demi-Gods or incarnations-probably because there have been millions of them.It is  not possible to worship millions of ‘Great Men’.No other group of people can claim to have improved so many lives as them.More importantly,they never tried to save the soul of the heathen.They instead opted to make their lives easy.They decided not to venture beyond the material-there was so much to do in this realm itself.I am proud to be a part of this elite group of people.

Every day starts with the brushing of teeth in the morning using the toothpaste,followed by shaving using the awesome invention called ‘Mach -3’,-thanks to the engineers for their job.Every time I switch on the ignition of my car,silently I  pay my respects to the Mechanical guys who made this possible.Every time I travel in the metro,I can feel the Civil Engineers involved in its construction,heaving a euphoric sigh of relief.When I log into my Facebook account to chat with a friend in the US-my heart gets filled with reverence for the Computer geeks and the Electronics people.Tearing apart a Lay’s packet,I wonder about the intricacy of the polymer molecules in the packet- and my mind races back to the Great Men who gave us this wonderful thing-the polymer.When somebody in my neighborhood was being treated for cancer through radium therapies,all the while I missed my ‘seniors’ who gave us this whole range of radioactive substances-in the process,killing themselves because of radiation exposures.There is no end to this list-the Electrical Engineer who made it possible for us to study late during the night,using a book which owes its existence to the ‘Paper and Pulp ‘ fellows and so on.

There have been attempts all throughout the world,to contribute to ‘world peace’.There has been a countless number of systems of Government to make sure that the present one is better than the previous one.But even then,we see wars every day and death and destruction everyday.We did our duty to help the law enforcing agencies by providing them with the best of weapons but those who were supposed to decide when and where to use them-failed.Even the most compelling ideas about ‘world peace’ and ‘good governance’ will look unwise in the long run- and they shall be replaced with new ideas which will be no better.But we Engineers always made sure that our knowledge is cumulative.We have been learning from our ‘seniors’ through generations and every generation added something new to make sure that the cumulative knowledge is superior to our previous knowledge.Everytime,any such addition is done,we move closer to the truth-closer to the laws of Nature that govern the Universe.

May the Good Lord render me worthy of this noble clan!.

Nishant Kumar
 Delhi Technological University (DCE)

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