Promotion Quota Bill: shun reservation altogether, don't promote it

Promotion Quota Bill: shun reservation altogether, don’t promote it

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for lifetime“. Present caste based reservation system is like giving a fish for a day ,i.e., during entrance exams and hence they want it again the next day in promotion. We need to teach them to fish.  

Ever wondered, what is the latest buzz around reservation in our country? Still wondering if there is a place in India without reservation!!!Well, the latest furore is for reservation in promotion in public services. At present, we have entry level reservation in education and jobs as in entrance examination for engineering, medical and civil services wherein 50%  (OBC – 27.5%, SC – 15%, ST – 7.5%) of seats are reserved. The rest half of the total seats are up for grabs by everyone. Now, our beloved politicians want a similar reservation in promotion in public services including civil services, bureaucracy etc. The crux to the problem is that there is a Supreme Court ruling which forbids implementing such reservation. Our representatives are pushing for an amendment in constitution (117th Amendment) to circumvent this decision.

Bahujan Samaj Party during its tenure in UP implemented reservation in promotion for SC/ST. But Allahabad high court imposed a stay on it, which was later upheld by Supreme Court. Supreme Court even termed it ‘unconstitutional‘. Courts in principle have no problem with reservation in promotion, but they want government to produce quantifiable data to prove that a particular class is under represented before implementing such reservation referring to article 335. Article 335 hints towards inefficiency and vertical divide if reservation is provided in promotions as well. Through 117th amendment in constitution, legislators are trying to remove the potential hindrance from judiciary and hence turn something unconstitutional into legitimate.

Firstly, was Supreme Court wrong in observing that state should have quantifiable data to claim under representation of a particular class? Ofcourse not, how else do you define under-representation. Instead of producing facts, we decided to change laws to suit us. Secondly, have we ever thought of the consequences that any such reservation can have? We would divide our bureaucracy, civil services and dismantle the entire public services. We are only bringing back the caste demarcation and sinking back to late 1940s.  Can you tolerate a person joining the service as junior 5 years after you and becoming your boss in a span of another 5 years? You can picture the vertical fragmentation in public services. With so many road blocks, will young India ever turn to public services?

For politicians, it is just a vote bank politics. BSP wants reservation in promotion for SC/ST while SP wants the same for OBC. Likes of Mayawati and Mulayam know well that they are significant only till caste based politics is significant. With election round the corner, they want to lure their respective vote banks. They don’t want someone like Kejriwal to jump in and drag development issues to election campaigns. Hence such poll stunts are best to divert public attention from key issues.

BSP is fully convinced that SC/STs are under-represented at higher posts and hence demands reservation in promotion. But logically, if decades of reservation could not ensure social equality, there is serious flaw in our reservation system itself and hence we need to do away with it immediately rather than extending it. If a medicine doesn’t work for a while, you just don’t increase the dose, you change the medicine. But in present context, we are bent upon increasing the dose, knowing fully that a different medicine might cure the problem.

Ofcourse SC/ST and OBC are under-represented and reasons are but obvious. The same family keeps incurring the benefits of reservation and hence debars the weaker section of the community to avail reservation. An IAS’s son from SC/ST would enjoy the cushion of quota to become IAS, while a sweeper from the same community will not have enough resources to ensure primary education to his son, what to talk of IAS examination. With the present provision, we are again giving reservation benefits to a person who has already availed it once. In doing so, we completely ignore a section of the same community which has been denied any benefit. So effectively we are creating a minority within minority.  Another vital point that our vote centric politicians ignore is that SC/ST or OBC have relaxation in upper age for entry by 5 and 3 years respectively. So naturally if a person joins an office 5 years later, he will be promoted 5 years after his peers who joined earlier.

Our policy makers implemented reservation only for 10 years, but in the last six decades, no political party have had enough courage and patriotism so as to rise above vote bank politics and acknowledge and shun caste based reservation. If 60 years of reservation could not ensure social justice, it never would. India is the only country which has as arbitrary a parameter as caste for admission to various professional streams. Shouldn’t economic status and not caste be the criteria for reservation? The correlation between caste and merit is beyond human purview. Aren’t we promoting mediocrity by supporting caste based reservation?

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him how to fish and he eats for lifetime“. Present caste based reservation system is like giving a fish for a day ,i.e., during entrance exams and hence they want it again the next day in promotion. We need to teach them to fish. Instead of downgrading the level of competition for them, we should empower them and educate them, so that they compete fairly. Only then can they perform well so as to deserve promotion. On the contrary, politicians refrain from teaching them how to fish, because they fear that if this section of society becomes self-sufficient, it would never look up upon these politicians for favor. Hence these narrow minded political entities would not get votes in return. The objective of social justice can very well be attained by empowering the unrepresented communities. Why lower the bar and handicap someone forever? Crutches are meant for lame, let those with legs walk on their own.

Politicians have an ulterior motive in turning a blind eye to real problem. They fully know that their proposed solution would only aggravate the problem. As far as Mayawati is concerned, her adamant stand on reservation is not for no reason. There is devil in details. She is least concerned about under-representation but is more worried about her degrading grip over weaker sections of UP. To her, this bill is key to her comeback in UP. The barter system is out in open, I-will-support-FDI-if-you-support-reservation-quota-bill. Have our politicians gone insane? Wakeup!! These are issues of national interest and no child play. Reservation in promotion can have serious repercussions, and so can FDI. We the voting public are equally at fault, for we chose these retards to run our country and we will vote them back to power.

The 117th amendment bill has been taken up by Rajya Sabha for deliberations and in its after effect, 1.8 million public servants from UP have gone on strike, while those supporting this bill have been working overtime. So I can clearly see a division and discrimination creeping in. This is exactly what these political parties want. The policy of ‘divide and rule’ initiated by Britishers have been mastered by these sycophants to remain in power at the altar of national integration and harmony.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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