Dear MPs ,Think Of India As Your Motherland !

“Dear MP’s: Your outrage is fake as long as you collectively put your security above ours. Every cop added to VIP detail means more crime.” -source twitter

Dear MP’s,

Can you please stop playing dirty politics and take some proper step to help the rape victim and punish the accused. Making some noise in the Parliament and disrupting a few sessions will not help.

Framing new policies and passing new resolutions will not help either but trying to implement the current ones will do a world of good to your countrymen, to our countrymen, to us all.

You know what sucks in our country, “the rot begins at the top”. You guys in parliament start the loot and it trickles down to every other bureaucrat in this country behaves as if,its okay to loot, listen! Its not just the higher babus, that peon , the guard at the gate in these government offices feel that its okay not to work. Chewing ghutka and paan is the most tiring job these people do in their offices. I understand , you are wondering why I am blaming you for this, you guys understandably do work much harder, i can very well understand how toiling it is to strain your vocal chords while shouting at each other, and throwing chairs at each other might even cause sprains to some of you. So why not calm down !

Well enough of accusations, now some real advice. Hey! I can hear some of your voices ” who the hell I am” . Dear ones, don’t you remember, one of your colleagues came falling on my feet the other day, no seriously, he was not just letting off my feet, i literally had to pull his hands off me.  He is really talented at this, i guess, it takes an important hour of my work life. Anyway, forget it ! What i was telling you is, stop fooling me, not just me, all of us.
A real-time check on all of you, when this girl was raped in Delhi, all of you shouted with full vigour in the parliament, a number of suggestions were floated in the parliament, tell me very frankly, how many of you actually called the concerned police officials and told them to take immediate action ( why I am asking you this is because, I know, we all know, you would have done so ,had one of your party workers or kins been taken to task by police.)

Advice number 2: Think of India as your motherland no ! No …no.. i am not telling you think so always,  having this feeling all the time is not your cup of tea, but fix two to three days a week when you will think, act, feel that India is your own country, its your own mother, this will help in having some constructive activities in the parliament. Trust me , it will not just change the way you look at things , rather it will help me not spit when I see any of your brethren. It will change the way people look at India, because then, you guys, yes most amazingly , you guys will be working towards betterment of India.

I can write so many advices for you, but why don’t you revert after following these two. I will keep my preachings flowing your way as often as I can.

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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