Democracy turning into dictatorship

Democracy turning into dictatorship

Let’s take a flashback into the current year 2012,  the pictures which have come up lately just doesn’t show India is a democratic country anymore. Probably it has been happening since ages now, but what all issues we have come across really makes me feel disappointed that we are ruled by so many sick bunch of people who are good for nothing.

Issues like ban and monitoring of Facebook and twitter in India, cartoons to be removed from NCERT textbooks, a professor being sent to jail for sharing Cartoon of Mamata Banerjee, a farmer being  called maoist by Mamata Banerjee and was sent to jail later only because he questioned the work her govt. has been doing, has been in the limelight throughout the year. And today another one joins the league, this time it is neither Mamata Baneerjee, nor Kapil Sibal but the finance minister of India Mr. P. Chidabaram.

A man was held for taking snaps of the finance minister at Chennai airport on Wednesday. He had a first class ticket till Delhi and then from Delhi to Dubai. He was detained by the officials and interrogated for God know what reasons. Is that such a big crime that the officials had to detain him just because he clicked photgraphs of the finance minister? It’s very disappointing to read such news, and who the hell will ever think of assassinating these sick bunch of useless ministers, sorry but we have better things to do rather than breaking our head over your dirty politics.(Exactly, this is the attitude, which helps these parasites thrive in India, we need to come up with a mindset where we the people of India do something for our own betterment.)

India is a democratic country but seldom have we seen democracy anywhere. Of late, our loss of democracy has been even more conspicuos. The fundamental rights which follows the principle of by the people, of the people and for the people don’t seem to have any existence now. Try to raise your voice and you are behind the bars, right of expression does not hold good anymore. And same is the case for the other basic fundamental rights of a citizen of this country. Right to constitutional remedies has been added into the constitution of our country which clearly states that if there is any denial of fundamental rights, the citizen can move to the court for the same.

 Being the Aam Janta (Mango People) of this country I think if we have made democracy as the constitution of this country then it must be followed whole-heartedly by each and every person of this country irrespective of their status, power or position held by them. It doesn’t matter if you are the Prime Minister of this country or just a simple common man. People are tolerating because we believe in the constitution of our country and moreover we don’t have many choices. Don’t test the level of our patience because if it crosses the limit then probably the word Congress will cease to exist in the country.
“We voted you to power, trust us, we can throw you off power and so much so that you will not be even seen in history books. ” – A Citizen of India

Wake India Now ! 

Its NOW or NEVER!!