New Face of Indian politics: Corrupt, Insensitive, Power drunk, Arrogant & Defiant

It has been said for ages that Indian politics is a dirty game, but it has only become murkier and more corrupt over this decade. With all the scams that have come to light over the past few months, no one would deny that corruption in Indian politics is at its all time time high. CWG scam, 2G Scam, coal-gate scam etc stand in testimony to our inglorious democracy. As if corruption cases were not enough,our politicians have been thoroughly ignorant, defiant, insensitive and tend to misuse their power more frequently than ever. Here are few instances in the past couple of days which bring out the gloomy political picture of India.

INCIDENT 1- Insensitive & Arrogant
Dharamvir Goyat, Member, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC)

He came to limelight for all wrong reasons. In a press conference recently, he claimed that 90% rapes were consensual or in simple terms victims are to be blamed for majority of these rape cases. He was quoted as saying  If we go into the details of rape cases and abductions, it is found that victims and accused in 90% of cases are runaway couples. So the cases are consensual,“. Such statement coming at a time when Haryana has reported more than dozen rape cases in a month’s time, clearly explains the political inefficiency to solve this problem. This statement is not only insensitive and psychotic but the explanation served later only brings out political arrogance. He later explained that it was an “off-the record” statement, not meant for press. So Mr Goyal- Can a person be pervert in private and saint in public?
It was not long ago that the khap panchayat proposed child marriage as solution to rape cases, which was advocated by opposition leader of state and INLD chief Om Parkash Chautala. 

INCIDENT 2- Power Drunk
Vithal Radadiya, MP, Porbandar

He hails from the land of  Gandhi, Porbandar. But contrary  to Gandhi’s principle of non-violence, he was captured live on CCTV camera brandishing a gun at a toll plaza employee who dared him to show his identity card for waving the toll charges of 50 rupees. This is not an isolated event of use of muscle power by a political heavy-weight.

INCIDENT 3- Arrogant, Power Drunk & Insensitive
Babulal Gaur, Urban Development Minister,MP

Gaur struck the headlines for his intimidating behavior with a priestess. He threatened to put her behind the bars for asking question. What is more perturbing is that he later dismissed this incident labellings it as a minor event. Such is the arrogance of our representatives, that they can threaten anyone around. Very recently, Mamata Banerjee got a farmer arrested for asking a question. So, arrogance and insensitivity is not new in our politics.

 INCIDENT 4- Corrupt & Power Drunk
Vinod Kumar Singh, Minister of state, UP

Chief Medical Officer(CMO) of Gonda didn’t include minister’s nominees in the list of doctors on contract recruited by the district health department under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). Minister pressed to change the list and when this order was not honored, he allegedly got the CMO kidnapped. Though the minister has resigned, his act resonates the moral bankruptcy and corruption prevalent in politics.

These are not isolated events but manifestation of long term moral bankruptcy, corruption, arrogance and insensitivity in our political setup.  It is tragic to see the largest democracy of India turn into ‘banana’ republic. We can’t blame these ministers for these actions. Our inaction is to be blamed more for this jeopardized democracy. We choose to stay silent, we choose not to vote, we choose not to speak up and hence we are responsible for this tragic state of affairs. We are not here to blame any political party, every party in power does the same and this is because we choose to remain as silent as ever. Now its time to speak up. Time to make ministers realize that rapes are most heinous and violent crime that can be inflicted on an individual, that doctors must be appointed on merit only, that brandishing gun in public invokes arm act, that police is to serve people and not minister. And above all, if ministers ever take ‘mango’ people for granted, they will have to face the consequences.


Its NOW or NEVER!!


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