Child Marriage a Solution to Rape cases in Haryana!!!

Child Marriage a Solution to Rape cases in Haryana!!!

“Earlier this month, a woman in Jind was raped by three men. The accused barged into the woman’s house looking for her husband and when they did not find him, they brutally raped her. The victim was from a backward caste. Her daughter stood outside the house screaming in fright.” The women was married, so as per the new eureka proposal from the Pandora box of Khap panchayat, she could not have been raped!!

Khap Panchayat has created a social and political furore by projecting child marriage as a solution to rape cases in Haryana. Such statement from the  local regulatory body of a state that has reported 13 rape cases in less than a month’s time, clearly portrays the stained mentality of our society. “When girls and boys go through puberty, they start having sexual desires which attract them to do unethical things. These things can also lead to rape, which is why I think there shouldn’t be an age limit to marriage. When a girl is young, and a boy is young, they should just get married,” a khap panchayat member in Meham, in the Chief Minister’s home district of Rohtak, said. Sube singh, the spokesperson to khap panchayat, also suggested to bring down the girl’s legal age to marriage from 18 to 16.

Suggesting Child marriage to stop rape cases is no better than blaming girls for provocation. Is a girl ever asked whether she is unmarried before being raped? In a country where neither a girl at 5 nor a women at 50 is safe from these termites to society, how can such statements be justified? This is more of an attempt to shift the blame on girls and to inflict major blame on them.

Haryana has reported 13 rape cases in less than a month, these are the reported cases. A majority of rape cases go unreported, thanks to the police-politician-culprit nexus. And adding fuel to the fire, we have these social guardians, who feel the girls are at fault or they should be married before they step out of home. As if these were not enough, we have some able politicians who value votes over humanity. The Haryana State Congress chief  Phool Chand Mulana said, “Such incidents used to happen earlier as well,” claiming that the incidents were being sensationalised. The Haryana Congress has called the rape cases as a  “conspiracy to malign the government“.

Statements as these malign the humanity for sure. Are we so insensitive as to blame the oppressed or politicize these sensitive issues. Turning a blind eye to the real problem will only encourage the culprits. Khap Panchayat and the state congress needs to introspect if they would take similar stand if such tragedy happen to them or their loved ones!!!

To view rape cases as isolated development, would always lead us to these whimsical proposals. Our attitude towards women need to change. Female foeticide, rapes, molestation, gender bias and homicide – stand in testimony to moral bankruptcy in our psychotic society.

The crux to entire problem is: how can we restore the respect for women in society?
Either we upgrade our value system or we instill a fear by awarding exemplary punishments to the defaulters.  Sex education in schools can help eliminate the social taboo about sex and make children realize that sex itself is no devil till it is safe and consensual. But change in value system is a gradual process and will take years to make significant effect.Hence with immediate effect, we need to set-up separate fast track courts to handle rape cases and atrocities against women. An Odisha case slapped death penalty to a rapist just 36 days after the incident. We need to emulate such models to ensure that justice is neither delayed nor denied. We don’t need decades of legal battles and turmoil and pangs to the victim. We also need to restructure police administration to make them more receptive and friendly. Police should act as a deterrent to crime and not to reporting of crime.

Sooner we realize the better it is that cloths don’t rape, marriage is no solution, banning TV and films will serve no good . There are some mentally retarded sycophants in our society who need to realize that they cant get away from punishments.

Its NOW or NEVER!!