Be The Change You Want To See

Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi needs no Introduction. Father of our nation, who was an epitome of simplicity, truthfulness and non-violence,worked for betterment of people throughout his life, not only in India but abroad as well. He worked for the rights of black people in South Africa.He worked as a lawyer, published his papers, worked as a human right activist and soon made millions of people to follow his footsteps.

Since our childhood we have been studying his Satyagrah theories, in simple words it says, “We should make peace and not war”. 64 years down the line, there are people who think Gandhian ideologies and practices are no more relevant in free India. I myself am not a pro-Gandhian , nor am I anti-Gandhian. My thinking goes this way when we fight with our parents we don’t eat because we know the fact that we can’t take any big step, so sitting on “ANSHAN” seems to be the only way of negotiating. During that time when the power lied in the hands of British rulers, this was his way of dealing with them. Many people would object to his theories and ideologies. Many people will contradict my each and every word in favour of him, but why can’t people think this way – we all are humans and committing mistake is the natural human tendency which everyone has and so does Mahatma Gandhi had and he committed a few mistakes. But he showed us a direction, a path which was followed by masses, and which ultimately lead us to freedom and independence .

This is true that following the theory of non-violence is not practical now; there should be a mixed approach, a proper balance between violence and non-violence. When the situation demands peace we should make peace with everyone but if the situation demands to fight back then we shouldn’t stop ourselves. I will illustrate this here, how many of us would want to be non-violent if ‘Kasab’ – The Pakistani terrorist involved in 26/11 2008 Mumbai attack – comes infront of us ? (I can’t see anyone of you nodding your head in affirmation) .Though,Anshan and satyagrah hold good for us today as well, Anna Hazare -exemplified this with his indefinite fasts – his peaceful protests and satyagrah gained massive support and created great buzz , though team Anna got a bit derailed towards the end.

Do we need another Gandhi to change the scenario of our country ?

The answer is, No. We don’t need another Gandhi because he was only one of his kind. But in order to change the current scenario we need the educated Indian to wake up. We need rational people to come out of their comfort zones and think for betterment this country. In 21st century where everyone is busy making money and world is moving so fast, it is a difficult ask, but to have a better tomorrow we need a mass arousal. We need people to be responsible.We sit and talk, that’s what we do and we blame those people who sacrificed their lives for the generations to come, we point out their mistakes without even giving it a thought that what we have done for this country so far ? 

For all you non-Gandhi supporters, yes I too agree that he committed many mistakes, some of them delayed the independence of our country; he could have tried and appealed against the conviction of Bhagat Singh and his fellow mates but since he was dead against violence he didn’t do anything. When Britishers were killing innocent people of our country then that was not an issue but when we started replying them then it became an issue. This part was the biggest mistake of Gandhiji. The next mistake was, he made Jawaharlal Nehru the prime minister of India – Sardar Vallabhbhai Jhaverbhai Patel was the best candidate for that post. Anyway, what has been done can not be undone now !

But, these deeds does not take anything away from Bapu, each one of us should be grateful to him for the service he has done for mankind. The fearlessness with which he practised truthfulness, the courage he showed to follow non-violence is un-matched. His concept of using khadi and other indigenous products, his contribution of bringing so-called Dalits into the mainstream and calling them Harijans(people of God) has helped India’s cause.

Dandi March, Do or Die, Quit India Movement, Non-Violence were his major achievements and he lead India to the path of Independence. Though history also says that Second World War holds an important role but we can’t deny the fact that Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his whole life for the generations to come.

The most important lesson one learns from Bapu’s life is “Be the change you want to see”. 

Wake India Now !!

Written By
Mayank Manohar & Mimansa Shastri

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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