8 Barfi Scenes Copied/Inspired from ‘Notebook’ & ‘Adventurer’

Most of us would agree that ‘Barfi‘ redefined the Indian cinema. It has undoubtedly been one of the best movie this year and has done great business. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have acted phenomenally well. With the awesome tailor and audio tracks, this was the first movie that I watched first day-first show. I would have rated this movie 5/5, but soon I came to know that most of the scenes and songs that I liked, have been copied from various movies like The Notebook, Charlie Chaplin’s The Adventurer etc.

One couldn’t help but laugh watching this. This scene could be seen in the trailers as well

But alas,

Here is the original scene from the Charlie Chaplin’s movie The Adventurer(1917).


There is a scene in the film where Shruti is told by her mother about how she decided not to elope with her lover 25 years back. Well rewind…and have a look at this original scene from ‘The Notebook‘.


Ranbir sleeping under the cover of a statue being inaugurated is copied from Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights. No doubt, Charlie is original and better but Ranbir played his part good enough 🙂

Due credits to Buster Keaton’s Cops for the hilarious opening scene of the movie, where Ranbir is sitting on a ladder and cops are trying to catch him from either side.

Theme of the movie is ‘love needs no language‘. And so, Anurag Basu decided to look beyond English Movies. This scene from ‘Kikujiro‘ would definitely remind you of one of the Barfi scenes.

Check if you could find some similarity between the climax scene of Barfi and this still from The Notebook.

‘Singin’ in the Rain’ (1952) is the movie, in case you want to watch the original puppet show.

Sincere thanks to movie-makers, for making us believe that hindi movies can also be source of inspiration at times. This still from ‘Koshish‘ appears similar to ‘Barfi‘, where Ranbir is sleeping while his father screams for help

Burfi has so much in common with so many movies. It can’t just be coincidence. But yes, this movie has taken plagiarism in Bollywood to the next level by not copying the entire concept from one source:P. My objective here is to put the fact before you and it is for you to decide whether Barfi is Inspired or Copied?? Whatever it may be, the acting and direction of the movie couldn’t have been any better!!

PS-Well, before you accuse me of plagiarism, I must confess that this post is inspired from tanqueed.com :P. I have added few more copied scenes, which original post didn’t mention.

Its NOW or NEVER!!

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