Question Mamata and you are a Maoist!!!

After professor, now  a farmer!!!
Yes, Mamata has done it yet again.

Earlier this year, Mamata Banerjee accused a student of being a Maoist on a TV talk show, when questioned about what she was doing about the
security of women in the state.  This time a farmer did the same mistake, questioned her and was immediately branded as Maoist. Didi went a step forward and got the man arrested immediately.

Mamata was addressing a rally in Belpahari in Midanpore on Wednesday.
After her speech, she asked the audience if they had questions for her. Shiladitya Chowdhury, 40, a jobless poor farmer in the region, reportedly asked the chief minister,
“what are you doing for farmers? Farmers are dying because they have no money. Empty promises are not enough.” 
And the answer to his question was
“arrest him, he is a Maoist.
The farmer was arrested immediately and was released the same day after interrogation. But as if this was not enough, the police re-arrested him this Friday on the charges of  ‘disrupting the meeting’.

There seems to be a simple thumb rule in west-Bengal, you are a Maoist if you ever question the chief Minister. Hope we had the same liberty during our exams and interviews :P. On a serious note, political hypocrisy in India is incredible. On one hand, we have cases like the suicide of Geetika, where the main accused Gopal Kanda(former Haryana minister) is still at large. On the contrary, we have this case, where interrogation starts with the arrest.

The misuse of power is evident in West Bengal. Police is yet to establish a Maoist link with Shiladitya Chowdhury, but who cares. The blaring question that needs to be answered is- why should the farmer be harassed? Isn’t he entitled to ask questions to his chief minister? Has Mamata got some super-power, by virtue of which she can identify a Maoist by the face itself!!!

This is a clear case of gross negligence of duty and misuse of power. Everybody has the right to fair trial. Irrespective of whether farmer is released in a week, or police ‘plants’  a bigger stay for him; its high time to question the credibility of  West Bengal CM and  police force.  We must raise our voice against this injustice and send out a clear message that dictatorship will not be tolerated in our democratic setup at any cost.

Its NOW or NEVER!!


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